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General info
Original title: Moon to (门徒)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 7.2 2186 votes
Plot: Special agent Nick (Daniel Wu) is deep undercover in the heart of Asia's lucrative crime trade as he plays protégé to one of the key players in the game, 'Banker' (Andy Lau). In the eight years he has been infiltrating the underworld industry, Nick has amassed enough evidence to indict Banker, but has been ordered to remain undercover and expose the identity of the man behind Banker in order to bring down the entire organisation. However, as Nick becomes more trusted and embroiled with Banker's crime family, he finds himself corrupted by the easy money and his new found power. Unable to separate himself from his undercover persona, he immerses himself into his role as a crime figure. In the seedy underbelly of mob culture, where redemption comes at a price and the borders of justice, loyalties and truth are constantly changing, Nick grapples with dangerous choices and finds himself flirting with more than the devil. Protégé is a suspense-filled exploration of the complex relationships and loyalties within the multilayered, international crime syndicates of today.
Movie info
Language: Cantonese, English, Thai
Colormode: Color
Running time: 106

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Protege (Moon to) trailer

Tags: Protege, Moon to, 2007, Hong Kong movies, Crime movies, Drama movies, Thriller movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

movieXclusive, by Justin Deimen source:
«“Protégé” tentatively inquires early on if the slight distraction of drug use is worse than the emptiness and constant temptations felt by those living in the grimy shadows of society’s margins.»
Twitch, by Stefan S source:
«One of the biggest movies hitting screens in Asia during this Chinese New Year period, it won't be difficult for Protégé to make a killing at the box office, given its powerful, engaging storyline which doesn't complicate, and the star-studded cast.»
LoveHKFilm, by Kozo source:
«Protégé tells a familiar, even hackneyed story in powerful style. The characters could use further development, and the film occasionally loses focus. Still, thanks to director Derek Yee, this is quality Hong Kong Cinema.»
Empire Magazine [UK] source:
«Tough, tense and authentic.»
FilmExposed, by Andrew Pragasam source:
«Protégé isn’t as tightly constructed as People’s Hero (1988) or One Night in Mongkok (2004), but weaves an absorbing, multifaceted story that is often quite moving.»
From Time Out London, byTrevor Johnston source:
«A documentary impetus delineates the steps of the drugs distribution network, for instance, and while the action set-pieces have punch, they’re secondary to character drama, where credible father-son interplay adds warmth to the chilly existential challenges of the undercover operation.»

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Yee, Tung-ShingYEE Tung-Shing
director/writer/as Officer Miu Chi-wah (as Derek Yee)
LUNG Man Hong
Mediacorp Raintree Pictures
China Film Group
Artforce International


Lau, AndyLAU Andy
as Lin Quin
Wu, DanielWU Daniel
as Nick
Koo, LouisKOO Louis
as Jane's Husband
Zhang, JingchuZHANG Jingchu
as Jane (as Zhang Jing Chu)
Yuen, AnitaYUEN Anita
as Quin's Wife
Sirichanya, NirutSIRICHANYA Nirut
as (as Nirut Sirijanya)
He, Mei-TianHE Mei-Tian
as Sister of Quin's Wife (as He Mei Tian)
Liu, Kai ChiLIU Kai Chi
as Head of Customs Officers (as Liu Kai Chi)
as (as Cheung Cheong)
as (as Tang Tak)
as Cal (as Yuen Po)
TSEI Tsz Tung
as (as Tsei Tsz Tung)
TANG Christina
WONG Kylie

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