Playboy Cops
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Playboy Cops

General info
Original title: Fa Fa Ying King (花花型警)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 4.9 228 votes
Plot: Millionaire's son Michael Mak is a hot-blooded cop. He has a habbit not to follow the usual rules of conduct in solving crimes and with his daddy's money this seems to be quite easy, but habit of throwing around father's money has made him the pariah of the force. He was even pushed aside after a traffic jam in city center caused by floating money dropped from skyscraper roof when he was catching a pilferer.

When Сhinese policeman Lincoln Lam arrives in Hong Kong in order to solve the mystery of his brother's murder, the newly suspended Michael clashes with Lincoln as latter seemingly dates his ex-girlfriend Lisa. To speed up Lincoln's departure, Michael decides to team up and help him investigate his brother's case.
Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 98

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Playboy Cops (Fa Fa Ying King) trailer

Tags: Playboy Cops, Fa Fa Ying King, 2008, Hong Kong movies, Action movies, Romance movies, Thriller movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Playboy Cops
(overall rating: 2.9 out of 5 based on 4 reviews)
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Playboy Cops is a fluffy buddy film that exceeds its incredibly low expectations, making it a surprising, though somewhat guilty slice of Hong Kong Cinema. Not really quality, but not much is nowadays.», Linus Tee - 2.5/5 source:
«“Playboy Cops” is a mixed bag. An unexpected fluffy popcorn piece that turns gritty»
AsianMovieWeb - 5/8 source:
«This surely isn't a good movie, but being aware of that the film simply tries to be fun. And it succeeds in being so more often than you would have thought this to be possible. »
So Good.., by Kenneth Brorsson source:
«I commend a movie of the new millennium that dares to be flawed in favour of being very Hong Kong of a past era.»
Yahoo! Malaysia Movies source:
«Like all Hong Kong cop movies, this one was quite enjoyable, but altogether forgettable. If you're looking for a lot of action scenes with an Asian twist where people are pounding each other to a bloody pulp, this is the movie for you.»

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Ma, JingleMA Jingle
JIA Zhen
WONG William
GU Feifei
Wai, TommyWAI Tommy


Yue, ShawnYUE Shawn
as Michael Mak Ho Man
Chen, KunCHEN Kun
as Lincoln Lam (as Aloys Chen)
Tam, ShaunTAM Shaun
as David Lai
Chung, Ka-YanCHUNG Ka-Yan
as Lisa (as Linda Chung)
Wong, You-NamWONG You-Nam
as Lung (as You-Nam Wong)
Lee, DannyLEE Danny
as Michael's Father
Mee, MichelleMEE Michelle
as Michael's Mother (as Michelle)
Kok, VincentKOK Vincent
as Wong Sir
Xiong, Xin XinXIONG Xin Xin
as Tatoo Club's Chairman (as Xiong Xin Xin)
Lin, TeddyLIN Teddy
as Lam Lon (as Lin Chun)
Ng, PhilipNG Philip
as Robber
as Policewoman
LEUNG Sammuel
as Lo Keung (as Leung Cheuk Moon)
NA Zou
as Lo's Girlfriend (as Zou Na)
KAM Loi Kwan
as Man in Washroom (as Kam Loi Kwan)
LAM Trina
as Manageress
CHUI Kwai Sam
as Wealthy Man (as Chui Kwai Sam)
FOO Martin
as Wealthy Man
LO Stanley
as Wealthy Man (as Stanley Lo Yu Lin)
LAU Yat-Tung
as Wealthy Man (as Lau Yat Tung)
CHAN Chung-Tai
as David's Culprit (as Adam Chan)
as David's Culprit (as Mike)
LIU Ming
as David's Culprit (as Lui Siu Ming)
TAK Lai Wai
as David's Culprit (as Lai Wai Tak)
LI Hung-Kei
as Tattoo Club's Member (as Li Hung Kei)
PUI Chan Kam
as Tattoo Club's Member (as Chan Kam Pui)
WONG Man Shing
as Tattoo Club's Member (as Man Shing)
LAW Wai-Kai
as Tattoo Club's Member (as Law wai Kai)
NAM So Wai
as Tattoo Club's Member (as So Wai Nam)
as Tattoo Club's Member (as Cheung Hung Fat)
TSE Wing-Wah
as Tattoo Club's Member (as Tse Wing Wah)
as Tattoo Club's Member (as Kwong C King)
Wai, Au HinWAI Au Hin
as Doctor (as Au Him Wai)
Cheung, KennethCHEUNG Kenneth
as CID (as Kenneth Cheung Moon Yuen)
SHEK Kingston
as Man on Rooftop
YEUNG Christy
as Wife on Rooftop
TAM Mei-Gi
as Daughter on Rooftop (as Tam Mei Gi)
LEE Chi-Kin
as Little Ming (as Lee Chi Kin)
as Beijing Traveller (as Huang Hai Yao)
as Guy with No Tattoo (as Cheung Kwok Wai)
KWOK Kwai-Wah
as Lobster Tattoo Man (as Kwok Kwai Wah)
SIU Chin-Hung
as Panda Tattoo Man (as Siu Chin Hung)
SIN Kwok-Cheung
as Scorpio Tattoo Old Man (as Sin Kwok Cheung)
LEE Larry
as Sawadee Club's Waiter
MEI Shing
as Bodyguard (as Mei Shing)
FUNG Christie
as David's Girlfriend
Chow, ChrissieCHOW Chrissie
as Lam Lon's Girlfriend (as Chrissie Chau)
YUEN Bowie
as Wealthy Men's Mistress
MAN Sherry
as Wealthy Men's Mistress
NG Annie Gesela
as Wealthy Men's Mistress
LIU Jacky
as Catchpole
TSANG Kin-Yung
as Policeman (as Tseng Kin Yung)
as Man in Central (as Alan wong)
PO Lam Chi
as Man in Central (as Lam Chi Bok)

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