Platonic Sex
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Platonic Sex

General info
Original title: Puratonikku Sekusu (プラトニック・セックス)
Country: Japan
Year: 2001
Genre: Drama, Erotic
IMDB Rating: 5.9 217 votes
Plot: Aoi was gang-raped by classmates on her seventeenth birthday and subsequently beaten by her father, who blamed the tragedy on her and kicked out of the house. She is on the verge of suicide atop a tall building when fate intervenes by way of her cellphone. Been brought back to reality by a text message seemingly sent to a wrong number from someone who signed as Toshi. The message gives her hope and she decides to live. Soon she falls into the world of bar hosting and someday, the adult video industry. The only good thing in her life is now chatting over text messaging with unknown Toshi in moments of bitterness.

Based on the international best-selling biography by famous AV actress Ai Iijima.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 104

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Platonic Sex (Puratonikku Sekusu) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Platonic Sex
(overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 based on 2 reviews), by Nix source:
«“Platonic Sex” is not the happiest movie in the world. It’s a sometimes too bleak (but very honest) look at Japanese society, at the life of an average Japanese youth, and at whatever limited possibilities that exists in the world for people like Ai, who has no direction whatsoever. ... Despite its title and subject matter, “Platonic Sex” is not about sex. The film is about acceptance and self-realization, not skin.»
dvdactive, by Casimir Harlow source:
«Platonic Sex is a harrowing tale of the survival on the streets. Even if it is never a particularly pleasant watch, it manages to remain compelling to the end, not least because of a fantastic debut performance by the lovely Saki Kagami. »
Hong Kong Digital source:
«First time actress Saki Kagami is remarkable as Aoi; she not only has the necessary look but also communicates volumes with her eyes and face. Even while the story touches on all of the adversities one would expect a girl in her situation to confront, Kagami still engages one's sympathy without being flagrant. Her performance is almost matched by Abe, whose unsavory eccentric derives great pleasure from seeing how people will lower themselves in pursuit of his money.»

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Matsûra, MasakoMATSÛRA Masako
Iijima, AiIIJIMA Ai
Sahashi, ToshihikoSAHASHI Toshihiko
Fuji TVFuji TV


Kagami, SakiKAGAMI Saki
as Aoi Kadokura
Odagiri, JôODAGIRI Jô
as Toshimi Iwasaki
Nonami, MahoNONAMI Maho
as Akemi Yamaguchi
Ishimaru, KenjiroISHIMARU Kenjiro
as Yoshio Kadokura
Negishi, ToshieNEGISHI Toshie
as Yukiko Kadokura
Kase, TaisihûKASE Taisihû
as Makoto Kanai
Abe, HiroshiABE Hiroshi
as Hideyuki Ishikawa
Tanaka, YojiTANAKA Yoji


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