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Perhaps Love

General info
Original title: Ru Guo · Ai (如果·爱)
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.7 1360 votes
Plot: The story revolves around a love triangle wrapped in a movie-within-a-movie, and is punctuated throughout by the heartfelt score and love songs. Film student Lin Jian Tung (Takeshi Kaneshiro) falls for Suen Na (Zhou Xun), yet she values her career higher than love and flees the relationship.

A decade later, Suen has become a leading movie star with the help of her lover, renowned director Nip Man (Jacky Cheung), while Lin Jian Tung has also become a star of his own right. Fate brings them back together and dictates them to collaborate in a musical about the love triangle, an irony which reflects the harsh reality. Jealousy, hatred and passion intertwine and culminate with the intervention of a seasoned fairy, a modern Cupid who shares their joy and sorrow.
  • The film reportedly cost US$10 million, and it earned US$2.2 million in its opening weekend.
  • Perhaps Love was filmed in Beijing and Shanghai. And it is the first musical to be produced in mainland China in over forty years.
  • It closed the Venice Film Festival. And it was submitted by Hong Kong as its official entry for the 2006 Academy Awards.
  • Perhaps Love is the first Hong Kong feature to open the San Francisco International Film Festival.
  • The movie won six awards on 25th Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Actress (Zhou Xun), Best Art Direction (Chung Man Yee and Pater Wong), Best Cinematography (Peter Pau and Christopher Doyle), Best Costume & Make Up Design (Chung Man Yee and Dora Ng), Best Original Film Score (Peter Kam and Leon Ko), and Best Original Film Song for 'Perhaps Love'.
  • Also the film's female lead Zhou Xun won the 12th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award in the Best Actress category and the film was named as the Recommended Film.

Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 107

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Perhaps Love (Ru Guo · Ai) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Perhaps Love
Karazen source:
«Chan described Zhou Xun as a “very likeable and emotionally effecting girl who can make you cry”.

“In Takeshi’s case, he was the only actor I knew who looks naive enough to love someone for 10 years,” Chan laughed.

“As for Jacky, there is really no one else in the region who can sing and act as well as he can.” »
Twitch, by Todd Brown source:
«The content just doesn’t suit the form and Chan himself almost seems to be apologizing for that by couching the musical numbers as nothing more than a part of the film his characters are working on.», by John Li source:
« The strongest selling point of this movie is its musical genre. Unlike traditional Shaw Brothers or Cathay musicals, this one will remind audiences more of big-scale musicals like Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera and Moulin Rouge! Not that this is a bad thing though, because the director has successfully used this genre to tell the story.»
A Nutshell Review, by Stefan S source:
«This is a musical within a musical, and a beautifully choreographed one at that. First thoughts will be, hey, it looks like Moulin Rouge, with big colourful sets, dancers, singers, stunts, and songs with meaningful lyrics. ... Peter Chan has crafted a beautiful masterpiece of a musical for the Hong Kong film industry.»
DVD Talk, by Jamie S. Rich source:
«Perhaps Love may not be the all-smiles Hollywood extravaganza we usually think of when we consider the genre, but that doesn't make it any less true to the form. The filmmakers here are just putting a Chinese stamp on it, their response to the musicals they love, and like the characters in their story, picking up the pieces of the past to fix up a whole new present.»
Variety, by Derek Elley source:
«Basic weakness of Aubrey Lam and Raymond To's script is the same as the film's approach to its musical numbers: there's no unifying style. ... From midpoint on, as Zhou and Kaneshiro are allowed more space, the central love story does start to engage.»

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Chan, PeterCHAN Peter
LAM Oi Wah
TO Raymond
KO Leon
Kam, PeterKAM Peter
Applause Pictures


Kaneshiro, TakeshiKANESHIRO Takeshi
as Lin Jian-dong
Zhou, XunZHOU Xun
as Sun Na
Cheung, JackyCHEUNG Jacky
as Nie Wen
Ji, Jin-HeeJI Jin-Hee
as Monty
Tsang, EricTSANG Eric
Yue, Sandra Ng KwanYUE Sandra Ng Kwan
as Lin's Manager
as Indian Dancers
CHAN Tung Man
as Hotel Receptionist
as Men at Crossroad
FAN Yong
as Men at Crossroad
Feng, HelenFENG Helen
as Crossroad Hookers
GAO Lei-Xin
as Producer's Girlfriend #2
KEALY Stephen
as Foreign Producer
as Crossroad Hookers
LI Su-Qin
as Men at Crossroad
MANIKUMAR Kirankumar
as Indian Dancers
as Indian Dancers
as Indian Dancers
as Indian Dancers
SHANG Tie-Long
as Jin
SHEN Jun-Ying
as Crossroad Hookers
SHI Zi-Liang
as Man at the Party
SINGH Dipender
as Indian Dancers
SINGH Jitender
as Indian Dancers
as Indian Dancers
as Indian Dancer
as Indian Dancer
WU Ying
as Crossroad Hooker
XU Jing
as Ground Crew
Zhang, HanZHANG Han
as Hsian Ping
as Crossroad Hooker
as Producer's Girlfriend #1
ZHANG Xiao-Tian
as Crossroad Hooker
as Crossroad Hooker
as Press Conference MC
as Crossroad Hooker

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