Oppai Volleyball
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Oppai Volleyball

General info
Original title: Oppai Barê (おっぱいバレー)
Country: Japan
Year: 2009
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating: 6.2 168 votes
Plot: Set in 1979, Haruka Ayase stars as a 23-year-old teacher named Mikako who was recently transferred to a junior high school school in Kitakyushu. Enthusiastic about her new job, she immediately volunteers to coach the boys volleyball club. Unfortunately, she finds the team only has 5 members — all of them geeks who spend most of their time obsessing over girls and no time practicing. In an effort to motivate the team, she gets coaxed into promising to flash them her 'oppai' (breasts) if they win a game.

The promise works like a charm; with the prospect of seeing their well-endowed teacher’s rack, the kids immediately become fiercely determined to become better volleyball players. Minako is obviously nervous about the implications of her promise, but is also pleased with the complete change in attitude and she even gains back the confidence she had once lost. Unfortunately, the school finds out about it right before the first game, possibly jeopardizing her job. Based on a Munenori Mizuno novel. (Source: nipponcinema.com)
  • The movie was filmed in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture.

  • Oppai Volleyball is based on a true story told from the teacher's point of view (novelist Munenori Mizuno reportedly heard the story from the teacher who inspired Mikako).
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 102

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Oppai Volleyball (Oppai Barê) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Oppai Volleyball
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/panasia/oppai_volleyball.html
«The Oppai Volleyball crew did their job well; the film features painfully recreated sets depicting the streets of Kita Kyushu, and the 70s pop soundtrack accurately conveys the era. Still, the crew's efforts would've been better served with a stronger story.»
Twitch, by X source: http://twitchfilm.net/reviews/2009/10/j-film-reviews-oppai-volleyball.php
«Throw in some raunchy gags without delving into vulgarity, fill the film with a healthy dose of well orchestrated volleyball, and you've got a winner. But after that exhilarating first scene and the crescendo to the big "quest" at the core of the film, Oppai Volleyball never recovers, gradually losing steam and the quirky charm of that initial quarter hour.»
beyondhollywood.com, by JAMES MUDGE source: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/oppai-volleyball-2009-movie-review/
«Surprisingly, despite its potentially sleazy premise, the film is actually a light hearted mixture of underdog sports story and coming of age journey – albeit with probably more mentions of the word ‘boob’ than in any other respectable production in recent memory. ... Whilst obviously a must-see for all fans of Haruka Ayase, it should also be enjoyed by anyone looking for sports comedy, light personal journey drama, or a non-stop onslaught of breast jokes.»

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HASUMI Eiichiro
Okada, YoshikazuOKADA Yoshikazu
MIZUNO Munenori
Sato, NaokiSATO Naoki


Ayase, HarukaAYASE Haruka
as Mikako Terashima
Aoki, MunetakaAOKI Munetaka
as Kazuki Jo
Nakamura, TôruNAKAMURA Tôru
as Kenji Horiuchi
Fukushi, SeijiFUKUSHI Seiji
as Mikako's ex-boyfriend
Honjô, MasakiHONJÔ Masaki
as Kengo Sugiura
Ichige, YoshieICHIGE Yoshie
as Wife of Mikako's mentor
Ishida, TakuyaISHIDA Takuya
as Senior on volleyball team
Kimura, HarukiKIMURA Haruki
as Ikuo Hirata
Megumi, RyûichirôMEGUMI Ryûichirô
as Taku Eguchi
Ohgo, SuzukaOHGO Suzuka
as Mikako Terashima - high school
Tachibana, YoshihiroTACHIBANA Yoshihiro
as Yoshiki Jo
Takahashi, KentTAKAHASHI Kent
as Yasuo Kusunoki
Yoshihara, TakuyaYOSHIHARA Takuya
as Kohei Iwasaki
Mitsuishi, KenMITSUISHI Ken
as Head Coach
Taguchi, HiromasaTAGUCHI Hiromasa
as Coach of men's volleyball team

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