Nine Souls
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Nine Souls

General info
Original title: 9 Souls
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.4 829 votes
Plot: To be totally honest I wasn’t expecting much at all going into 9 Souls even after reading heap upon heap of praise plied upon it but to say I was surprised would be a major understatement, in short I was totally blown away.

The basic plot is as simple as they come, nine prison inmates ranging from a drug pusher all the way up to multiple murderer’s escape from prison and go in search of a secret stash presumed to be forged money hidden by a tenth inmate who cracked and was dragged away by guards shortly before their escape but it’s the direction that director Toshiaki Toyoda takes this simple story that is so brilliant and original perfectly blending drama, comedy and violence creating a truly one of kind movie that deserve’s to be seen not only fans of Asian cinema but cinema in general.

Superbly acted, emotional, funny, violent and at times very surreal this is a movie has it all.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 120

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Nine Souls (9 Souls) trailer

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Toyoda, ToshiakiTOYODA Toshiaki
Eisei GekijoEisei Gekijo
Little More Co. Ltd.
Tohokushinsha Film Corp.


Chihara, KôjiCHIHARA Kôji
Harada, YoshioHARADA Yoshio
as Torakichi
Imajuku, AsamiIMAJUKU Asami
as Kishin
as Ichiro Ushiyama
Inoue, JunINOUE Jun
as Noboru Kaneko
Itao, ItsujiITAO Itsuji
Fujiki, YuFUJIKI Yu
as Restaurant Owner
Ito, MisakiITO Misaki
Kunimura, JunKUNIMURA Jun
Kyono, KotomiKYONO Kotomi
Maro, AkajiMARO Akaji
Matsuda, RyuheiMATSUDA Ryuhei
as Michiru
Matsu, TakakoMATSU Takako
Kitamura, KazukiKITAMURA Kazuki
as Tamori
as Shishido
Shibukawa, KiyohikoSHIBUKAWA Kiyohiko
as Saruwatari (as Kee)
Suzuki, AnneSUZUKI Anne
Yamada, MameYAMADA Mame
as Shiratori
Suzuki, TakujiSUZUKI Takuji
as Shinichi
Tadano, MiakoTADANO Miako
as Misao

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