Nightmare Detective
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Nightmare Detective

General info
Original title: Akumu Tantei (悪夢探偵)
Country: Japan
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.3 1102 votes
Plot: Detective Keiko Kirishima (Japanese pop singer Hitomi in her thesping debut) is a determined young woman whose interest in detective work has inspired a downward career switch from academic criminology to homicide fieldwork. When a spate of suicide cases occur involving victims slashing themselves with razors in their sleep, Kirishima is ordered by her superiors to take a parapsychological approach.

The link between the somnambulistic suicides is that they all have called the same mobile phone number immediately before their self-inflicted deaths. Through a police colleague, Kirishima learns of Kagenuma's unusual talents and attempts to enlist his assistancebut Kagenuma turns her down. To force Kagenuma's hand, Kirishima calls the killer's number herself, putting her own life in jeopardy, so that they can, if need be, both face death together.

Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 106

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Nightmare Detective (Akumu Tantei) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Nightmare Detective
KFC cinema, by Aaron Fowler source:
« NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE once again brings you to a new level in Tsukamoto's film career. With his largest budget yet, one would expect him to sell out and give in but he does no such thing. The excessive money only gives Tsukamoto bigger ideas.»
HubPages, by Zach Freeman source:
«Whether Tsukamoto works better when using more gore is up for discussion, but Nightmare Detective falls a little short of his previous works. Just remember not to get too tired while watching the film: if you fall asleep you might not wake up.»
Midnight Eye, by Nicholas Rucka source:
«What makes Nightmare Detective such an exciting film (particularly for the Tsukamoto fan) is that Tsukamoto has somehow manufactured his most commercial film to date while retaining his experimental/industrial filmmaking integrity. This film isn't a product of sell-out commercialism, but one that somehow feels like a work of a matured filmmaker who is not afraid to approach traditional storytelling techniques as viewed through his aesthetic.»
Twitch, by Kurt Halfyard source:
«Nightmare Detective‘s easy to convey premise of a brooding and enigmatic fellow who solves paranormal problems by entering into peoples dreams hides the fact that Tsukamoto is talking directly to the audience as the voyeur of such conventional horror spectacles. When Keiko takes a demotion from a high-level police job she does this for the thrill-seeking aspects of investigating a murder at ground level.»
Interview with Shinya Tsukamoto on Nightmare Detective source:
«My first idea I had for ”Nightmare Detective” came when I was making ”Tetsuo." Over the years I got a lot of ideas and finally two years ago I sat down and wrote the script for it.»

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Tsukamoto, ShinyaTSUKAMOTO Shinya
director/writer/as '0'
Kaijyu Theater
Movie-Eye Entertainment Inc.


Matsuda, RyuheiMATSUDA Ryuhei
as Nightmare Detective
as Keiko Kirishima
Ando, MasanobuANDO Masanobu
as Wakamiya
Osugi, RenOSUGI Ren
Harada, YoshioHARADA Yoshio


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