Neighbour No. 13
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Neighbour No. 13

General info
Original title: Rinjin 13-Go (隣人13号)
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.6 649 votes
Plot: A mild-mannered Japanese construction worker, timid and kind Juzo Murasaki, had been unmercifully beaten, tortured and disfigured by classmate long time ago in his schooldays. His mind was so scarred that he now has a rage-filled split personality named The Thirteenth, angry and violent, summoned by Juzo to protect himself.

Once upon a time nowadays, Juzo moves into a new neighbourhood, and a new job, only to find that his new neighbour from the upstairs apartment is the very same bully that terrorized him in school. Moreover, he is now Juzo's construction foreman at the new project. Yet the guy got now a wife and kid, he has not changed much still being as big a jerk as ever. He does not recognize Juzo at all, but Juzo still remembers the every prank against him too well, as well as The Thirteenth.
  • The film based on popular bloody manga by Santa Inoue. The author allowed his work to be adapted after resisting for ten years and also participated as the film scriptwriter.
  • Well known Japanese director Takashi Miike made a brief appearance in cameo role.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 115

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Neighbour No. 13 (Rinjin 13-Go) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Neighbour No. 13
(overall rating: 2.7 out of 5 based on 4 reviews)
Twitch, by Todd Brown source:
«Rinjin 13 is an impressive piece of work on a few levels. Inoue is an impressive technical director and he loads the film with fantastic visuals and sound design. ... The film isn't all good, though. It has pacing problems throughout, frequently slowing down to a slow crawl. There are also moments when the emotional responses of key characters in key situations completely fail to ring true. The film could overcome these weaknesses if it built to a strong ending, though, but alas the ending largely betrays everything that came before.», by Nix source:
«From a technical standpoint, “The Neighbor No. 13″ is impressive. The film is quite dark and Inoue takes advantage of the sets to force a sense of claustrophobia and terror in every scene. ... Unfortunately the film falls flat in other areas. The concept of “The Neighbor No. 13″ has great potential, the relationship between Juzo and No. 13 being a cunning conceit, but Inoue never really takes advantage of the material.»
The New York Times, by NATHAN LEE source:
«Suffering its own split personality, "The Neighbor No. Thirteen" is an art house exploitation film neither arty nor exploitative enough. Its ugly scenes of violence — disembowelment, severe head trauma, appalling child endangerment — are unpleasant, but no more so than its mannered, meaningless sense of duration.»
The Seattle Times, by Jeff Shannon source:
«Like many young Japanese directors, Inoue has a knack for artful composition and stylish mood-setting. His use of eerie, otherworldly sound effects and experimental industrial music could effectively serve as the soundtrack for a nightmare. Beyond that, "The Neighbor No. 13" is either too vague to build any psychological impact or too boring to lure us into its anguished cycle of schizoid retaliation.»
eFilmcritic, by Jay Seaver - 2/5 source:
«Director Yasou Inoue demonstrates a fair amount of visual flair. Inoue's camera is capable of quick movement and almost painful stillness, and I can kind of see why original manga creator Santa Inoue allowed his work to be adapted after resisting for ten years. The man has talent, but somewhere along the line, the things just didn't work out. », by Don Willmott - 3/5 source:
«Bad Juzo's vendetta against Akai will eventually involve kidnapping, shotguns, samurai swords, and a final, predictable showdown back in the same classroom where the acid attack occurred. Unfortunately, Inoue tacks on a baffling coda which throws absolutely everything in which you've just invested 100 minutes into doubt.»
Slant Magazine, by ED GONZALEZ - 2/4 source:
«The everydayness of the film's violence is jarring, much of which occurs off-screen away from the prying eyes of the audience. It's a smart move—infinitely headier than the mind of the film, which could have benefited from a backward-talking dwarf.»

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Inoue, YasuoINOUE Yasuo
KADO Hajime
Media Suits
Amuse Soft EntertainmentAmuse Soft Entertainment


Oguri, ShunOGURI Shun
as Jûzô Murasaki
Nakamura, ShidoNAKAMURA Shido
as 13-gô / No. 13 (as Shidô Nakamura)
Arai, HirofumiARAI Hirofumi
as Tôru Akai
Yoshimura, YumiYOSHIMURA Yumi
as Nozomi Akai
Ishii, TomoyaISHII Tomoya
as Hajime Seki
Matsumoto, MinoruMATSUMOTO Minoru
as Shinigami / God of Death
Gekidan, HitoriGEKIDAN Hitori
as Comedian on TV
Murata, MitsuruMURATA Mitsuru
Miike, TakashiMIIKE Takashi
as Kaneda

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