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My Tutor Friend

General info
Original title: Donggabnaegi Gwawoehagi (동갑내기 과외하기)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2003
Genre: Comedy, Romance
IMDB Rating: 6.8 835 votes
Plot: Following the success of My Sassy Girl, Korean cinema scored another runaway hit in 2003 with My Tutor Friend. Based on an internet novel, the whimsical, over-the-top romantic comedy launched heartthrob Kwon Sang Woo (Stairway to Heaven) and small-screen starlet Kim Ha Neul (Romance) into instant movie stardom. The film also features a hilarious supporting performance from Gong Yoo (Spy Girl), who would go on to be a star in his own right. The leads' great on-screen chemistry and the entertaining mixture of comedy, romance, and action made My Tutor Friend one of the top-grossing films of 2003 and a must see for romcom fans.

Choi Su-Wan (Ha-Nuel Kim) and Ji-Hoon Kim (Sang-Woo Kwone) are both 21 years old, born in March 1982. Su-Wan is a University Year 2 girl, while Ji-Hoon studies his 3rd year of High School studies in the Surim High School. Su-Wan's father had just lose his job, and mother still works in her family business (frying chickens and sell to earn a living). Su-Wan, who demands money for her semester, had to find job because her father is jobless. Su-Wan's mother knows Ji-Hoon's mother, and introduced Su-Wan to Ji-Hoon's mother. Su-Wan tutors Ji-Hoon, for 3 months, to make Ji-Hoon to sit 2 hrs. The salary is enough for Su-Wan's Semster. Except studying, Ji-Hoon is almost all-rounded. Especially fighting in Surim High School and offended 'Lee Jong-Seo', the leader of the triad group in Surim. His girlfriend, Yang Ho-Gyung, admired Ji-Hoon. The fighting in the pool makes Ji-Hoon's father, Kim Bong-Man, compelled to send Ji-Hoon to USA, as how he had done to Ji-Hoon's young life, send Ji-Hoon to USA to study abroad. To avoid being sent, Ji-Hoon has to gain, in the upcoming mid-term exam, 50.0 average. Could Ji-Hoon make it?
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 110

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My Tutor Friend (Donggabnaegi Gwawoehagi) trailer

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Featured reviews for

My Tutor Friend, by Anthony Leong source:
«Overall, "My Tutor Friend" seems to be 2003's heir apparent to "My Sassy Girl". It is also the leader of the pack when it comes to the recent wave of high-school focused comedies that have inundated Korean moviegoers since 2002. With two great characters backed by likeable leads, great humor, and plenty of terrific eye candy, this romantic comedy earned a rightful place at the top of South Korea's box office. Get yourself educated with "My Tutor Friend".»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Dubbed by some as an heir apparent to My Sassy Girl, My Tutor Friend is amusing fluff that can be sufficiently entertaining. The dynamic between the characters is enjoyable, and will likely charm most people who're looking for a fun date movie. », By Nix source:
«If you’re not expecting anything too overly original, “My Tutor Friend” will be one of the better entries in the Teen Romantic Comedy genre. It’s certainly on par with the recent crop of funny comedies to come out of South Korea in 2003 that mixes comedy with romance and spurts of action. There are the usual school bullies, gangsters, and even traditional authority in the face of modern youth attitudes.»
HKNEO, by Seraph source:
«Korean Cinema right now is at the top of it's game, and even in this, the most light hearted of movies, you can really feel some sense of quality. The production values are very high, the CGI effects (for a film of this type) are polished and fun and the story plays out to a satisfying (if a little obvious) conclusion. As I said before, if you are new to Korean cinema and like the romantic comedy genre then this might just be the film to start with.»
Heroic Cinema, by James Brown source:
«A slick fusion of now staple Korean genres (cute-but-whacky boy/girl romantic comedy, return to high school beatdown, goofy enemy-turned-buddy slapstick'er, teen fantasy), My Tutor Friend has some shaky moments but is held together by a suitably energetic plot (and out-of-the-ordinary subplots), charismatic performances and a warming, feelgood vibe that stays within its tolerable limits.»

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KIM Kyeong-Hyeong
CHOI Soo-Wan
CJ EntertainmentCJ Entertainment


Kim, Ha-NeulKIM Ha-Neul
as Su-wan
Kwone, Sang-WooKWONE Sang-Woo
as Ji-hoon
Baek, Il-SeobBAEK Il-Seob
as Ji-hoon's Father
Gong, YooGONG Yoo
as Jong-soo
Kim, Ji-WooKIM Ji-Woo
as Ho-kyeong
Kong, YuKONG Yu
as Jong-soo


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