My Mighty Princess
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My Mighty Princess

General info
Original title: Mu-Rim-Yeo-Dae-Saeng (무림여대생)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 5.9 209 votes
Plot: So-hwi seems like a normal college girl but she is actually the only descendant of a prestigious martial arts family. Her martial arts skills are unsurpassed but she decides to give up martial arts after she falls head over heels in love with Jun-mo, the charismatic captain of ice hockey team. Her father enlists the help of her childhood friend, Il-yeong, to persuade her to continue with martial arts.

Meanwhile, the evil Heuk-bong attempts to conquer the martial arts world by killing one master after another. So-hwi's father has a showdown with Heuk-bong but the battle leaves him fatally injured. On the brink of her father's death, So-hwi decides to revenge her father's death. Can our mighty princess win the evil Heuk-bong?
  • My Mighty Princess was released in South Korea on 26 June 2008, after a delay of more than two years. Made before his Japanese debut Cyborg She, it was released afterwards.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 122

My Mighty Princess (Mu-Rim-Yeo-Dae-Saeng) trailer

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Featured reviews for

My Mighty Princess
LoveHKfilm, by Kevin Ma source:
«The problem isn’t the lack of creativity, but rather Kwak’s knowledge of the lack of originality in his material. He doesn’t bother to build any storytelling rhythm in revealing So-Hwi’s powers because he knows that everyone knows what to expect. As a result, the film never effectively builds up any excitement, giving viewers little reason to keep following the story.»
Lunapark6, luna6 source:
«Jae-young Kwak’s “My Mighty Princess” comes out much better than his prior film “Windstruck,” but fails to approach the likability found in “My Sassy Girl.” The movie loses whatever positives it has going for it with its pure martial arts film third act. ... In any case, the film’s strongest suite is the appealing performances by Min-a Shin and Ju-wan On.»
A Nutshell Review, by Stefan S source:
«I'm more inclined to say that My Mighty Princess rates slightly above the disastrous Japanese movie Shaolin Girl. But while Shaolin Girl suffered from a self-destructive storyline, My Mighty Princess fared better, but still had too much squeezed into it and became quite incoherent, flip-flopping from one subplot to the next», by Gabriel Chong source:
«Despite its flaws, this Princess is Mightily entertaining, and certainly deserving of a royal welcome.», by Yang Sung-jin source:
«"All the cast members signed on to the project because they counted on me, but they have been deceived. When I showed my screenplay to them, I told them all the wire action scenes would be done by doubles or stunts, but in fact the actors had to do all the wire actions themselves," Kwak joked. »
AsianMovieWeb source:
« "My Mighty Princess" is simply too inconsistent and changes the tone one time too often, so that at the end the only question remaining is what kind of a movie we just watched. A romantic comedy, a wuxia film or a funny action flick? ... However, despite its entertaining value you surely can't call it "good". »
Cinema Without Borders source:
«What started out in the film as clever and light hearted boils down to a combination of repeated gags, martial arts moves and slow, unmoving dialogue. The humorous, warm moments the film has are few and though So Hui as a character is sweet and endearing, her character cannot save us from the poor plot. It is what it is and if you take it not very seriously, you will enjoy the cute factor of it.»

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Kwak, Jae-YoungKWAK Jae-Young
LEE Shinho
Encore Films & GV


Shin, Min-aSHIN Min-a
as So-hwi
On, Ju-WanON Ju-Wan
as Il-yeong
Yu, GeonYU Geon
as Jun-mo
Choi, Jae-SungCHOI Jae-Sung
as Kap-seong
Lim, Ye-JinLIM Ye-Jin
as He-in
Jeong, Ho-BinJEONG Ho-Bin
as Heuk-bong
Lam, DionLAM Dion
as Geol-wang
Cha, Tae-HyunCHA Tae-Hyun
as Pigeon Man (cameo)


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