My Lovely Week (All for Love)
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My Lovely Week (All for Love)

General info
Original title: Naesaengae Gajang Areumdawun Iljuil (내 생애 가장 아름다운 일주일)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2005
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.4 136 votes
Plot: Plot Synopsis : This movie deals with 5 couples; An elderly couple, the guy owning an old cinema and the lady owning a coffee shop in front of his theatre. A down on his luck salesman, who just got married, keeping it a secret from his wife that he sneaks onto the subway and tries to peddle his trinkets to subway passengers. A bill collector that is fed up with his job (who tries to collect from the down on his luck salesman) is offered a spot on a local reality television to relive his college basketball days and also fulfill the wish of a terminally ill girl who’s dead mother told her that her father was that basketball player. A divorced father that works in the music industry, with only a son in his life needs to find a maid, his divorced wife, a fiery spirited psychiatrist, who has perhaps met her match in a rough and tumble cop. Finallly a famous male pop singer that becomes stricken with a mysterious illness after his contract is cancelled by the music executive dad, meets a young nun who tried to killed herself because she has always had strong feelings for the hosptialized pop singer. This is a lovely week in the lives of these people.

Comments : A fun, fast paced romantic comedy in the spirit of the British film “Love Actually.” There is quite a handful of characters in this film that cross paths, so you should pay careful attention in the beginning or keep a scorecard of some kind. Anyways the film is a very fast paced comedy, with no dull moments. The relationship between the psychiatrist and the cop, the pop singer and the former nun, and the down on his luck salesmen & his wife, were my favorite characters in this movie.
Alright, this is the part where I will get to formally introduce the copyrighted “Lunapark6 K-Comedy 3/4 Rule.” What the “Lunapark6 K-Comedy 3/4 Rule” states is that within any Korean comedy, at approximately the 3/4th mark of the film’s running time, the comedy will temporary cease to be a comedy and become a serious drama, dealing with a tragedy usually in the realm of a pregnancy, abortion, terminal illness, or death of a close family member. Once the tragedy is resolved, it will revert back to a comedy until the film finishes. In “My Lovely Week” the “Lunapar6 K-Comedy 3/4 Rule” governs as usual, this time bringing up the serious subject of matter of unexpected pregnancy and the mother’s decision to keep the baby or have an abortion.

from Lunapark6
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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My Lovely Week (All for Love) (Naesaengae Gajang Areumdawun Iljuil) trailer

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Min, Kyu-DongMIN Kyu-Dong
LEE Byung-Woo


Eom, Jeong-HwaEOM Jeong-Hwa
as Hur Yu-jung
Ha, Ji-WonHA Ji-Won
as Cameo
Hwang, Jeong-MinHWANG Jeong-Min
as Na Do-chul
Jeong, Kyeong-HoJEONG Kyeong-Ho
as Yu Jung-hun
Jeon, Ho-JinJEON Ho-Jin
Jo, Hie-BongJO Hie-Bong
as Cameo
Ju, HyeonJU Hyeon
as Mr. Kwak
Kim, Su-RoKIM Su-Ro
as Park Sung-won
Kim, Tae-HyeonKIM Tae-Hyeon
Kim, Yun-SeokKIM Yun-Seok
LEE Se-Yeong
as Cameo
Lim, Chang JungLIM Chang Jung
as Kim Chang-hoo
OH Mi-Hee
Park, Jin-WooPARK Jin-Woo
Ryu, Seung-SuRYU Seung-Su
SEO Jin-Wook
Seo, Yeong-HieSEO Yeong-Hie
Woo, HyeonWOO Hyeon
as Cameo
Yun, Jin-SeoYUN Jin-Seo
as Lim Soo-kyung

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