My Brother
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My Brother

General info
Original title: Uri Hyeong (우리 형)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2004
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.2 216 votes
Plot: Two brothers were born within a year of each other. The younger brother Jong-hyun is a good-looking class-A fighter. His older brother Seong-hyun is unbelievably tender and gentle, a class-A student, favored by their mother. Filial jealousy, competition over a pretty girl, and years of sought-after acceptance drives a rift between the two brothers. Because of their mother and Seong-hyun, the brothers' conflicts never seem to stop.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 112

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My Brother (Uri Hyeong) trailer

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Featured reviews for

My Brother
(overall rating: 3.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews), by Leosen Teo - B+ source:
«This movie is completed with valuable gems in almost every aspect. Probably the only shortcoming of the movie is the audio-recording equipments that were carelessly sneaking out from the corners in many scenes. Nevertheless, the heart-wrenching theme was intense enough to cover this negligence.»
Heroic Cinema, by EJames Brown - 7/10 source:
«Won Bin and Shin Ha-kyun make for cute sibling rivalry in this ultimately tragic (or at least bittersweet) film that reminded me very much of Friend, another massively successful picture devoted to the display of another kind of brotherly bond. ... Why did this film, which is really not far elevated from television melodrama, do so well in Korean theatres? First, it's fairly successfully unpredictable, which is saying something for a story that has been told many times before in just the way that it's told here.», by sukting source:
«It is easy to see why Won bin took the lead role in this sentimental story about fraternal bonding. It offers him the chance to play both bad boy and good guy to charm his female fans. The plot is so similar to the old 50s Cantonese weepies and also Qiong Yao novels. It is just that the packaging is different to suit the times. The production values are slick and the storytelling is competent. However, the pacing is so flat. I am quite thankful that I didn't watch this movie in the cinema. This tale will bond only with Won Bin's fans who want to face time with their idol.»

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Ahn, Kwon-TaeAHN Kwon-Tae
Kim, Hyeong-SeokKIM Hyeong-Seok
Jininsa Films


Shin, Ha-KyunSHIN Ha-Kyun
as Sung-hyun
Won, BinWON Bin
as Jong-hyun
Kim, Hae-SukKIM Hae-Suk
as Mother
Lee, Bo-YoungLEE Bo-Young
as Mi-ryeong
Jeong, Ho-BinJEONG Ho-Bin
as Young-Joon
Kim, Jeong-TaeKIM Jeong-Tae
as Eok-Soo
Jo, Jin-woongJO Jin-woong
as Du-sik
Kim, Hye-JeongKIM Hye-Jeong
Kim, Kwang-gyuKIM Kwang-gyu
KIM Dong-Seok

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