Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg
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Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg

General info
Original title: Kei Hei Hup (机器侠)
Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 4.6 260 votes

God created Man and Man created machines.
Man can question God, so why can't machines question Man?

In 2046, technological advancements keep improving human lives, as well as renewing their desires. So, robots, created to serve man, are born.

The first generation AI android, K-1 (Alex Fong), has just been invented secretly at Tian An Science Lab, with the aim of carrying out dangerous tasks for the police, to safeguard the human law enforcers against injuries and deaths. To test its functionality, commissioner Lin Xiang stations him at a remote town for on job training, putting him under the charge of the local sheriff Xu Da Chun (Hu Jun), with his actual identity a closely guarded secret.

K-1 joins the police force under the assumed name De Ming, immediately cracking various cases effortlessly. With perfect socialising routines, De Ming becomes idolised by the townsfolk in no time, while female cop Su Mei (Sun Li) falls head over heels for him. Xu Da Chun, who's carrying a torch for Su Mei (Sun Li), becomes vexed. He frowns upon their relationship as De Ming is but a robot. The two compete against each other both overtly as well as furtively, often with goofy outcomes.

De Ming and Xu Da Chun are assigned to apprehend a runaway robot K-88 (Wu Jing), which is suspected to have errant AI. After a mind-blowing hi-tech battle involving aerial, underground chases and exchanges, as well as 72 transformations, the invincible K-88 explains his reason for escaping, 'For freedom, not wanting to be a mere robot forever.' He even admonishes De Ming for being an electronic slave.

Xu Da Chun is stupefied. To protect De Ming, and for the sake of human dignity, he engages K-88 without regarding his own life...

Meanwhile, assassination robots, under order to terminate any defectors, are arriving in the town...

Movie info
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 102

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Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (Kei Hei Hup) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg
Twitch, by James Marsh source:
«we have flimsy realisations about love and responsibility and a screenful of cartoonish CGI to wrap things up. I was willing to acknowledge and then let slide Lau's budgetary and technological constraints if he had something interesting or at least amusing to say, but save for Ronald Cheng gurning in a set of false teeth and thick glasses, and the occasional sight gag of malfunctioning bodily mechanisms, KUNG FU CYBORG invokes precious little attraction, metallic or otherwise.», by James Mudge source:
«“Kung Fu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction” is basically a Jeffrey Lau film with a bigger budget than usual and an even wilder, looser sense of creativity. This is arguably in its favour, as it delivers something unpredictable and pleasingly different to the norm, and the film is entertaining and lively, particularly for those viewers who don’t require too much in the way of logic or sense.»
Variety, by DEREK ELLEY source:
«Typically playing with auds' expectations (juiced by the title and action-heavy trailer), "Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction" is more a quirky comic tale of robot love than a pedal-to-the-metal f/x feast, and viewed in that light, it's thoroughly engaging, thanks to lead perfs by mainlanders Hu Jun and Sun Li.»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Kungfu Cyborg mixes its elements so poorly that it proves disappointing and interminable. ... It is simply ill conceived, concentrating too much on its love story when it has more to work with.»
Far East Films, by Andrew Saroch source:
«As a continued supporter of Hong Kong cinema, it gives me no pleasure to call this absurd mess the biggest waste of a big budget in recent memory.»

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Lau, JeffreyLAU Jeffrey
Lui, MarkLUI Mark
Cheng, RonaldCHENG Ronald
composer/as Kong


Hu, JunHU Jun
as Tsui Dai-chun
Sun, BettySUN Betty
as So-mui
Fong, Lik-SunFONG Lik-Sun
as K-1
Gan, WeiGAN Wei
as So-ching
Wu, JackyWU Jacky
as K-88
Tsang, EricTSANG Eric
as Lam Cheung
Law, Kar-YingLAW Kar-Ying
as Ying-ming


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