Maundy Thursday
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Maundy Thursday

General info
Original title: Urideul-Ui Haengbok-Han Shigan
Country: South Korea
Year: 2006
Genre: Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.4 321 votes
Plot: It is a rare film that teaches about the importance of forgiveness without being preachy. Yet this film manages to do just that. Perhaps it is because the film doesn't actually teach forgiveness, but rather shows what the character in question actually lived through and left the audience to decide for themselves which side of the fence they would fall on.

And so kudos have to go to the actors for such an able portrayal of what their characters lived through and are living through in the film. Credit goes most especially to the actress (Lee Na-Young) who did a fine job of showing how her character journeyed to be able to reach the kind of person she becomes at the end of the film; the male lead was quite good himself.

Good acting, well articulated plot, music was good - overall: recommended.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 120

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Maundy Thursday (Urideul-Ui Haengbok-Han Shigan) trailer

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Song, Hae-SungSONG Hae-Sung
GONG Ji-Young
JANG Min-Seok
PARK Eun-Yeong
LEE Jae-Jin
LJ Film


Kang, Dong-WonKANG Dong-Won
as Jung Yun-su
Lee, Na-YeongLEE Na-Yeong
as Moon Yu-jung
Yun, Yeo-JongYUN Yeo-Jong
as Yu-jung's aunt
Kang, Shin-IlKANG Shin-Il
JEONG Yeong-Suk
Kim, Ji YoungKIM Ji Young
Jang, Hyeong-SeongJANG Hyeong-Seong
Ik-Joon, YangIK-JOON Yang
LEE Jae-Gu
Kim, Bu-SeonKIM Bu-Seon
KIM Jin-Hyeok
Oh, Kwang-RokOH Kwang-Rok

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