Master of Tai Chi, The
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Master of Tai Chi, The

General info
Original title: Tai Chi Zong Shi
Country: China
Year: 2005
Genre: Action
IMDB Rating: 6.1 76 votes
Plot: After learning about a powerful style of kung fu known as Tai Chi and only taught to members of the Chan family, kung fu practitioner Yu-qian sneaks into the training area in disguise to watch the clan master, Chan Ching-ying (Yue Hoi) at work. He inadvertently befriends Chan’s cross-dressing daughter (Amy Fan) and gains her help in continuing to learn the style. When Master Chan is assaulted by servants of a Qing lord (Billy Chow) who is obsessed with besting Tai Chi, Yu-qian comes to his rescue and in doing so, gains recognition as the first outsider to be accepted as a pupil. As pressure increases on Master Chan to fight with the lord, Yu-qian puts his newfound kung fu expertise to use in a multi-level, pagoda-style match arranged by a Qing princess who is attracted to him. After Master Chan is forced into accepting a death match with the lord, Yu-qian steps in to fight in his place.

This 2005 release is a two-hour movie, edited from 28 original episodes of the Master of Tai Chi television series (1997).
Movie info
Language: Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Master of Tai Chi, The
Kung Fu Cinema, by Mark Pollard source:
«Wu Jing, in his first television series after breaking onto the martial arts movie scene in Tai Chi II (1995), magnificently leads a superb cast of highly skilled screen-fighting actors in an exciting production to rival any Chinese movie. And the kung fu? The kung fu is bliss. Elegance, power, clarity, and precision that never ceases to amaze.» source:
«Taking almost half a year in production, this martial arts epic features a stellar cast consisting mostly of wushu practitioners. It is rare to see a TV series with as high calibre and down-to-earth martial arts and attention to detail as this, besides a stirring story. It's a master-piece, an instant classic from Cheung Sing Yim and Yuen Wo Ping.»

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Yuen, Woo-PingYUEN Woo-Ping
LEE Kin-Wu
YIP Chiu-Yee
Yuen, Cheung-YanYUEN Cheung-Yan
WONG Wing-Fai


Wu, JackyWU Jacky
as Yang (as Jacky Wu)
Yu, HaiYU Hai
Chow, BillyCHOW Billy
as Tun (as Billy Chow Bei-Lei)
HOI Chan
Hui, KaraHUI Kara
MAN Hey-Tai
TAM Chiu
as Master wind chasing kicks
SUN Tak-Mau
TSUI Heung-Tung
Wong, SunWONG Sun

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