Man in White (The Unforgiven), The
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Man in White (The Unforgiven), The

General info
Original title: Yurusarezaru Mono (許されざる者)
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Genre: Crime
IMDB Rating: 7.1 158 votes
Plot: Azusa Moribe was just a small boy when his father was killed and his mother hanged herself. He was brought up by clan Renji boss and Azusa faithfully served him, respecting him as a father. When the boss and two bodyguards were killed leaving alive Azusa only, the rest of clan wonders why he is the only survivor. But Azusa vows to revenge for the boss's death, even if he'll have to act alone on his crusade for rough justice.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Man in White (The Unforgiven), The
(overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)
Japan Times, by MARK SCHILLING - 3.5/5 source:
«Scripted by Shigenori Takechi, who was also responsible for Miike's "Araburu Tamashitachi (Agitator)," "Yurusarezaru Mono" is, like the previous film, a gang epic with a twisty plot line. Instead of the usual epic pace and stylistics, however, Miike has opted for a hand-held camera and a flash-editing approach that tries to replicate the turbulent inner world of the hero. This is not to say Miike always succeeds.»

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Miike, TakashiMIIKE Takashi
Takechi, ShigenoriTAKECHI Shigenori
Endô, KôjiENDÔ Kôji


Kato, MasayaKATO Masaya
as Azusa Moribe
Fuji, TatsuyaFUJI Tatsuya
as Serita
Ishibashi, RenjiISHIBASHI Renji
as Sakazaki
Kitamura, KazukiKITAMURA Kazuki
as Mizutani
Miki, RyôsukeMIKI Ryôsuke
as Watari
Nezu, JinpachiNEZU Jinpachi
as Shiraishi
Tsugawa, MasahikoTSUGAWA Masahiko
Kôyama, ShigeruKÔYAMA Shigeru
Katsuno, HiroshiKATSUNO Hiroshi
Nomura, MasakiNOMURA Masaki
Hirata, MitsuruHIRATA Mitsuru
Endo, KenichiENDO Kenichi
Ozawa, KazuyoshiOZAWA Kazuyoshi
Motomiya, YasukazeMOTOMIYA Yasukaze
Aida, ShôkoAIDA Shôko
Arimori, NarimiARIMORI Narimi
Kondo, MasaomiKONDO Masaomi
Nagato, HiroyukiNAGATO Hiroyuki
Matsukata, HirokiMATSUKATA Hiroki
as cop
Akimoto, NaomiAKIMOTO Naomi

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