Magic Kitchen
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Magic Kitchen

General info
Original title: Moh Waan Chue Fong (魔幻厨房)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2004
Genre: Romance, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 5.6 293 votes
Plot: Yau is a successful chef and owner of a speakeasy restaurant located in a flat and called Magical Kitchen. But she does not have any special tricks on cooking. She learns all recipes from the cookbooks that were passed down from her mother. Beside them, Yau also inherited from her mother family curse overshadowing three generations, which destines her to fail in every relationship. The biggest illustration of this curse is Yau's ill-fated relationship with Chuen Yao.

He was her dream man, but the two were never able to consummate their affair because of a raw unpredictable circumstances. Yau is still stuck on Chuen, which creates problems when she discovers that he is engaged to marry Yau's best friend. On the other hand, her business partner Ho, who is secretly in love with her, persuades Yau to compete in the popular Japanese cooking TV show 'King Chef'.
Movie info
Language: Cantonese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 105

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Magic Kitchen (Moh Waan Chue Fong) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Magic Kitchen
(overall rating: 3.4 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)
LoveHKFilm, by Kozo source:
«The annual Sammi Cheng Lunar New Year film tries its best to be a sophisticated romantic drama, but the result feels more clinically manufactured than dramatically sound. Given the talented people and obvious resources behind the film, Magic Kitchen can't help but seem disappointing. A watchable film, but also a forgettable one.», by Leonard Norwitz source:
«Character development is undercooked, while the cooking elements are insufficiently blended. The concluding wisdom is well taken, but I wasn't convinced of the recipe required to get there. It all seemed much ado about not much. There's a considerable amount of very attractive eye-candy via both sexes, the food preparations are appetizingly photographed and the final dishes are dazzling. »

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Lee, Chi-NgaiLEE Chi-Ngai
CMC Magnetics Corporation
Cottage Films
Media Asia FilmsMedia Asia Films
Sil-Metropol Organization


Cheng, SammiCHENG Sammi
as Yau
Yan, JerryYAN Jerry
as Ho
Lau, AndyLAU Andy
as Chuen Yao
Q, MaggieQ Maggie
as May
Cheung, NicolaCHEUNG Nicola
as Kwai
Chau-Sang, Anthony WongCHAU-SANG Anthony Wong
as Tony Ho
Fung, StephenFUNG Stephen
as Joseph
Wu, DanielWU Daniel
as Kevin
Wong, MichaelWONG Michael
as Mook
Chan, SheilaCHAN Sheila
as Yau's Mom
Law, Kar-YingLAW Kar-Ying
as Yau's Dad
Tong, MichaelTONG Michael
as Don
HONG William So Wing
as Wine guy at May's party
Higuchi, AsukaHIGUCHI Asuka
as King Chef Show Host
HUI Clarence
as Kwai's crab dinner guest
Kok, VincentKOK Vincent
as Kwai's crab dinner guest
LAW Wai Keung
as Kwai's crab dinner guest
LEE Lik-Chi
as Kwai's crab dinner guest
Lin, TeddyLIN Teddy
as May's boyfriend

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