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General info
Original title: M (엠)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2007
Genre: Thriller
IMDB Rating: 6.4 206 votes
Plot: 'Hallucinations and nightmares torment up-and-coming young author Min-woo (Gang Dong-won). He cannot concentrate on his new work, the much-anticipated follow-up to his first successful novel, nor can he lead a normal life. Old photos and images he does not recognize – though they are somehow familiar – materialize from the darkness as if developed in a darkroom. Haunted by these spectres of memories he can’t remember, he drags himself through days of confusion and alienation. Mimi (Lee Yeon-hee), a beautiful young woman, follows him around like one completely lost in love. As Mimi intones the notes of “Mist” (popular song from 1960's) for him, long-ago recollections sparkle in the darkness of his mind as if illuminated by flashbulbs. Flickering memories of his first love claim his concentration, calling for him to remember.'
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 110

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M (M) trailer

Tags: M, M, 2007, Korean movies, Thriller movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

koreanmovie.com, by Yang Sung-jin source: http://www.koreanmovie.com/MOVIE_REVIEW_Lee_Myung_se_s_psychodrama_M_b~~~ws1407/
«Asked about the rich visual effects, director Lee said he wanted to describe the darkness in a way that highlights its shining light. "Some might ask how darkness can shine at all, but, on a closer look at the darkness, we can feel the layers of darkness and its intricate depth," he said.»
Meniscus Magazine, By Christopher Bourne source: http://www.meniscuszine.com/issue23/subwaycinema2008/m20080613/index.html
«The best way to experience “M” is not to fight it, or question its narrative strategy (or lack thereof), but to surrender to it, emotionally and intellectually. »
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/panasia/m.html
«M is an attempt at art, and the ability of the audience to enjoy it depends largely upon their acceptance of form as more vital than content. Lee uses his form powerfully; M is a treasure trove for fans of expressionism, who can dissect the film's composition or mise en scene until their frontal lobes bleed.»
Variety, by Derek Elley source: http://www.varietyasiaonline.com/content/view/4596/53/
«The way in which Lee manages to spin 110 minutes of dream sequences, visual effects, gliding camerawork and sensuous lensing out of the back-of-a-coaster yarn is certainly impressive.»
beyondhollywood.com, by James Mudge source: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/m-2007-movie-review/
«This is not to suggest that “M” is an example of style over substance, as there is a great deal going on beneath its glossy surface. Though the characters are a little vague, the film still has a surprisingly potent emotional impact, mainly due to a pair of likeable, expressive performances from Kang Dong Won and Lee Yeon Hee.»

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Lee, Myung-SeLEE Myung-Se
LEE Hae-Kyung
Core Studio
Production M


Kang, Dong-WonKANG Dong-Won
as Min-woo
Lee, Yeon-HeeLEE Yeon-Hee
as Mimi
Kong, Hyo-JinKONG Hyo-Jin
as Eun-hye
Jeong, In-GiJEONG In-Gi
Jeon, Mu-SongJEON Mu-Song
as Bartender
KIM Dong-Hwa
Lim, Won-HieLIM Won-Hie
as Seong-woo

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