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General info
Original title: M.W. (MW-ムウ-)
Country: Japan
Year: 2009
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.8 110 votes
Plot: When a top secret chemical compound called MW infects an island near Okinawa, the military is sent in to kill all the victims and cover up the incident. A survivor named Michio Yuki (Tamaki) grows up to become a highly-successful banker, but he is slowly being driven mad by the effects of MW. After committing a series of ruthless crimes to get revenge against the people responsible for the cover-up, he decides that the only way to truly get revenge is to unleash MW on the world and exterminate the entire human race. Takayuki Yamada stars as Father Garai, a priest desperately trying to save Michio’s soul — and possibly his own in the process — but not necessarily doing much to stop the crime spree. (Source: nipponcinema)

  • The movie is based on a 1970s manga of the same title by 'god of manga' Osamu Tezuka. This manga series is notable because is can be seen as first Tezuka's gritty, cynical and adult-oriented work that sharply contrasted the softer, Disney-influenced style that Tezuka was associated with. It was influenced by the complexity of its '70s political context of the Vietnam War and Japanese student movement against American military presence. When published, manga received lots of attention due to the high level of violence and homosexual themes contained within its story.

  • On June 30, a few days before the MW release, NTV broadcasted an original 'MW' television drama titled MW Chapter 0: Akuma no Game. It set several months before the actual story in Tezuka's manga and features Tamaki Hiroshi and young rising actor Sato Takeru in leading roles.
Movie info
Language: Japanese, Thai, English
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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MW (M.W.) trailer

Tags: MW, M.W., 2009, Japanese movies, Drama movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

(overall rating: 3 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)
The Japan Times Online, by MARK SCHILLING source:
«Iwamoto, a veteran TV director, pumps up the action with everything from helicopter attacks inspired by "Apocalypse Now" to miraculous escapes from certain death that would be incredible even in a Bond film. In the screening room, they prompted laughter, in a film otherwise devoid of humor.»
The Hollywood Reporter, By Maggie Lee source:
«Iwamoto and writer Tetsuya Oishi's film adaptation, on the other hand, is a square-shooting action thriller that takes one's mind off burning issues rather than make one ponder them.»

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Iwamoto, HitoshiIWAMOTO Hitoshi
ÔISHI Tetsuya
Tezuka, OsamuTEZUKA Osamu
IKE Yoshihiro


Tamaki, HiroshiTAMAKI Hiroshi
as Michio Yuki
Yamada, TakayukiYAMADA Takayuki
as Yutaro Garai
Ishibashi, RyoISHIBASHI Ryo
as Kazuyuki Sawaki
Ishida, YurikoISHIDA Yuriko
as Kyoko Makino
Kazama, ToruKAZAMA Toru
as Sanda
Nakamura, IkujiNAKAMURA Ikuji
as Shunichi Okazaki
Hayashi, YasufumiHAYASHI Yasufumi
as Seiji Tachibana
Shinagawa, TôruSHINAGAWA Tôru
as Mochizuki
Tsurumi, ShingoTSURUMI Shingo
as Matsuo
Yamamoto, YusukeYAMAMOTO Yusuke
as Mizobata
Yamashita, RioYAMASHITA Rio
as Mika
Hankai, KazuakiHANKAI Kazuaki
OBAMA Natsuki
as Colonel Jones
YÛKI Michio

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