Loyal 47 of the Genroku Era
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Loyal 47 of the Genroku Era

General info
Original title: Genroku Chushingura (元禄忠臣蔵, )
Country: Japan
Year: 1941
Genre: Action, Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.2 544 votes
Plot: Lord Asano resists a bribery attempt by a member of the Shogun's court. His honesty, however, is useless against the corruption of the administration, and he is forced to commit harakiri. His samurai retinue are dispersed as masterless ronin. The leader of the samurai, Oichi, plots with a loyal band of ronin to seek revenge for their master's dishonor.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Black and White
Running time: 127

Tags: Loyal 47 of the Genroku Era, Genroku Chushingura, 1941, Japanese movies, Action movies, Drama movies, asian movies

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Loyal 47 of the Genroku Era
The 47 Ronin review, by Jeremy Heilman source: http://www.moviemartyr.com/1941/47ronin.htm
«Such ethical complexity makes the film feel better than the simple propaganda film the government intended it to be and the mere historic recounting of events that if sometimes feels like due to its obsession with ceremony. When a woman in disguise shows up in the last reel, she asks many of the questions (Is honor really that important? What about the loved ones of the samurai?) that had been niggling at the audience for the film’s running time. Though her presence makes the film feel, for the first time, a tad melodramatic it also finally alleviates the feeling that the screenwriters were utterly unaware of the concerns of laypeople. »
Adventures in Space, By Fred Camper source: http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/adventures-in-space/Content?oid=892662
«But our challenge, after seeing a film in its historical context, is to make something of it for ourselves. First of all, we can't necessarily accept a film's values merely because it moves us. At the same time, we should try to see the film in all its dimensions. As Mizoguchi's camera constantly destabilizes the film's images, he creates a poetics of space far more general than the specific values of the story. The issues he poses--of the balance between an individual and the social code, between emotion and tradition--are still with us, albeit in different forms. And as we watch one of his intense static compositions, focusing emotion momentarily on one character, transform into a moving shot that reframes the characters or introduces new ones, creating a new context, it becomes clear that the relationship between an individual and his culture is in part the result of the way we see space itself.»

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Mizoguchi, KenjiMIZOGUCHI Kenji
HARA Kenichiro
YODA Yoshikata
IMA Productions


ARASHI Yoshizaburo
as Lord Takuminokami Asano
as Tsunatoyo Tokugawa
Katô, DaisukeKATÔ Daisuke
as Fuwa Kazuemon
as Kuranosuke Oishi
as Jurozaemon Isogai
KAWAZU Seizaburô
as Lord Etchumori Hosokawa
MIMASU Mantoyo
as Kozunosuke Kira
MIURA Mitsuko
as Yosenin, Asano's wife
as Sukeimon Tomimori
as Omino, Isogai's fiancee

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