Love and Honor
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Love and Honor

General info
Original title: Bushi No Ichibun (武士の一分(いちぶん))
Country: Japan
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.6 1016 votes
Plot: Shinnojo Mimura (Takuya Kimura) is a lowly Japanese samurai, who's employed by his clan as a food taster. It's a dead end job with zero job satisfaction, and Shinnojo reveals in a conversation with his wife Kayo (Rei Dan) that he dreams of opening up a kendo dojo of his own, and recruiting students to teach regardless of their caste. It's a noble dream, but one that is cut short when he gets blinded during one of the food tasting sessions, eating sashimi made from fish which is poisonous when out of season.

This movie is the last film in Yamada Yoji's samurai trilogy.

The Twilight Samurai, 2002
The Hidden Blade, 2004
Love and Honour, 2006
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 121

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Tags: Love and Honor, Bushi No Ichibun, 2006, Japanese movies, Drama movies, Romance movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Love and Honor, by luna6 source:
«Love And Honor is an impressive film that would be my personal favorite out of the Samurai trilogy directed by Yoji Yamada. The movie gets better and better with each passing minute, until you are literally left gripping the armchairs of your seat while watching the final duel between the now blind Shinnojo and the lecherous Shimada Toya. Highly recommended.»
Midnight Eye, by Nicholas Rucka source:
«Love and Honor isn't a bad film at all, but it's not nearly as good as Twilight Samurai. Part of this has to do with what I imply at the start: that the film lacks the inventiveness of the first entry in this cycle; in short, there's an irrelevance to the film even existing. None of the issues that the film raises-corrupt officials, cruel and unusual punishment for loyalty, or a dog's life for a handicap person-are new to the genre and handled in a particularly fresh manner. All you have to do is go back to the 1960s and quickly you'll find that there's a truck-load of films that literally channel the counter-cultural foment and radicalism of the time and funnel it through the chanbara or jidai geki format to cloak its criticism of the dominant paradigms.»
The Japan Times Online, Serving up a blinding samurai tale, by Mark Schilling source:
«Viewers of the other trilogy films will recognize familiar tropes, including the climactic duel that, true to Yamada's keep-it-real code, has none of the fantastic flash of other films about blind swordsmen, including the "Zatoichi" series. The sword moves are the real deal, the battle intensely personal, the results grippingly final. That is to say, if you liked the first two films, you'll like this one even more. Cooks tend to improve with practice -- and Yamada's third batch of noodles is his best.»
ReDotPop: High Moon: The Japanese Western, by tjmHolden source:
«Not to be misunderstood: this movie is not deep philosophy; nor is it high art. What it is, though, is hard-wired information. Bushi no Ichibun tells us about a society—about this particular ReDot society—from which it is drawn. And it doesn’t simply tell us of a ReDot world lived two centuries ago. Don’t be fooled by the period trappings. Just as westerns have often served as a marker of contemporary American transitions and deep-seated cultural values, the samurai tale has served a similar function in Japan.»

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Yamada, YojiYAMADA Yoji
Shochiku Kinema Kenkyu-Jo


Kimura, TakuyaKIMURA Takuya
as Shinnojo Mimura
Dan, ReiDAN Rei
as Kayo Mimura
Bando, MitsugoroBANDO Mitsugoro
as Toya Shimada
Sasano, TakashiSASANO Takashi
as Tokuhei
Momoi, KaoriMOMOI Kaori
as Ine Hatano
Kobayashi, NenjiKOBAYASHI Nenji
as Sakunosuke Higuchi
Ogata, KenOGATA Ken
Ayata, ToshikiAYATA Toshiki
as Kanjuro Takigawa
Hidari, TokieHIDARI Tokie
Kondo, KoenKONDO Koen
Okamoto, NobutoOKAMOTO Nobuto
as Togo Hatano
TAI Hiroko

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