Lost In Love
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Lost In Love

General info
Original title: Sarang-Eul Nochida
Country: South Korea
Year: 2006
Genre: Romance
IMDB Rating: 5.8 79 votes
Plot: They have been friends for so long, or maybe too long, to find each other attractive. Surely, love must be the last word to describe their long-term relationship. However, when Woo Jae (Sul Kyung Ku - Public Enemy, Peppermint Candy) meets Yeon Su (Song Yoon Ah - Hotelier, Face) again after ten years, he has become unsure of the nature of their relationship. They are still dear friends in every way. Yet his heart says differently. Finally Woo Jae starts to recognize Yeon Su's presence, gradually accepting her in his life.

10 years ago, U-jae's story...
U-jae, a university boat racer, was dumped by his girl friend on the 200th date. Not having time to think about the reason of the separation, he can't help waiting for her absent-mindedly. He drowns his sorrows in drink but he can't cope with it. His friends, Yeon-su and Hyeon-tae, console and tell him to forget her but he joins the army to run away. One day, Yeon-su visits him, and her much more womanly shape catches his eye, but he sends her off on the last bus.

10 years ago, Yeon-su's story...
Today U-jae cries drinking because he was dumped by his girl friend. She also cries and keeps coughing, but she can't be sure if it's because she smoked for the first time or because her heart bleeds. She just can't stand anymore his crying. She wants to be his consolation, however, while she hesitates making up her mind, he joins the army like a runaway. She gets up the courage to visit him, but his eyes are always somewhere beyond her. She thinks she can't be more than his friend and she gets rid of all her memories of him with his picture that she cherished.

After 10 years...
One day, U-jae rushes off to a police station upon hearing of a fight between his students. There, Yeon-su, a veterinarian, argues with the policeman to find a pet dog that her child customer cherishes. After ten years, they meet again...
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 115

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Lost In Love (Sarang-Eul Nochida) trailer

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CHU Chang-Min
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Jang, Hang-SeonJANG Hang-Seon
as Uncle
Lee, Ki-WooLEE Ki-Woo
as Sang-shik
Sol, Kyung-GuSOL Kyung-Gu
as Woo-jae
Song, Yun-AhSONG Yun-Ah
as Yeon-soo


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