Last Quarter
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Last Quarter

General info
Original title: Kagen No Tsuki (下弦の月~ラスト・クォーター)
Country: Japan
Year: 2004
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 6.3 384 votes
Plot: Every 19 years, during 'Kagen no Tsuki', or Last Quarter of the Moon, a miracle is set to happen and a romance is set to brew. Muzuki (Kuriyama) breaks up with her boyfriend Tomoki on her 19th birthday. Feeling lonely and having nowhere to go, she suddenly hears a familiar guitar melody. She follows the sound to an old house, where she meets Adam. They fall in love and vow to meet a week later. However, on the night of the last quarter of the moon, Muzuki is run over by a car. She awakes to find herself in the old house, but she cannot leave it. She is still alive, lying in a coma, but existing as a ghost in the house...

Based on Ai Yazawa's novel. Starring Chiaki Kuriyama of 'Kill Bill Vol.1' fame, and Hiroki Narimiya. L'Arc en Ciel's Hyde provides the song 'The Cape of Storms,' and he plays the part of a mysterious musician.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 112

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Last Quarter (Kagen No Tsuki) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Last Quarter
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Last Quarter could be good enough for fans of the manga, and even those who enjoy the glossy over-the-top melodrama of shojo anime may be charmed. But the film doesn't really capitalize on its status as a live action film, and might as well have been an anime instead. The whole is a little too staged, a little too manufactured, and a little too "beautiful" to really affect. The actors may be alive, but Last Quarter is oddly lifeless.»
....Gravity...., by Jenny source:
«‘Kagen no Tsuki’ would have been more enjoyable if the scenes were tightened, the screenplay were rewritten to better match the manga, more focus were given on the details in the middle, and better child actors were hired. My verdict? The manga was exciting and touching while the movie bored me to death.»
Differences between the manga and movie, by [email protected] source:
«# The biggest difference, in the manga Hotaru is assisted by three friends: Masaki, Sae and Tetsu. In the movie, this is cut down to just Masaki (and later Tomoki).

# In the manga, Adam is English. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He speaks Japanese because Sayaka did. In the movie, Adam is a London-born half-Japanese man (I suppose so they could fit HYDE into the role).»

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Nikai, KenNIKAI Ken
Shochiku Co. Ltd.


Kuriyama, ChiakiKURIYAMA Chiaki
as Mizuki Mochizuki
Narimiya, HirokiNARIMIYA Hiroki
as Tomoki Anzai
Takarai, HidetoTAKARAI Hideto
as Adam (as Hyde)
Kurokawa, TomokaKUROKAWA Tomoka
as Hotaru Shiraishi
Ochiai, MotokiOCHIAI Motoki
as Masaki Miura
as Evil Eye Bassist
Ito, AyumiITO Ayumi
as Sayaka Kamijo
Jinnai, TakanoriJINNAI Takanori
Kirishima, ReikaKIRISHIMA Reika
as Sayaka's mother
Ogata, KenOGATA Ken
as Doujima
Omori, NaoOMORI Nao
Tomita, YasukoTOMITA Yasuko
Ujiki, TsuyoshiUJIKI Tsuyoshi

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