Kill Zone, S.P.L.
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Kill Zone, S.P.L.

General info
Original title: Saat Po Long
Country: Hong Kong, Macau
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 7.2 3877 votes
Plot: SPL aka Saat Po Long/Sha Po Lang aka Kill Zone is the best Hong Kong actioner in years, featuring superb performances from Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung and Simon Yam and some seriously vicious I'm-not-showing-off-I-really-want-to-kill-you fight scenes.

A successful serious crime investigation police unit, headed by articulate senior detective Chan (Simon Yam), tackles crime with three other detectives from different backgrounds. Martial arts expert Ma (Donnie Yen) is set to take over as head of the unit, replacing Chan who wants to have an early retirement. Ma is determined to put things right.
Po (Sammo Hung), an upcoming figure in the underworld with interests in every kind of criminal activity, and Jack (Jing Wu) – Po’s right-hand man, is a reclusive cold-blooded killer.
Movie info
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 97

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Kill Zone, S.P.L. (Saat Po Long) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Kill Zone, S.P.L., by Kozo source:
«SPL is a stylish return to HK-style grim-n-gritty action noir and one welcome motion picture. Nothing new really happens here, but that's just fine. Easily the best Hong Kong action film of the year.»
Cinedie Asie, translated by Carla Graoa source:
«Yip Wai-chun manages thus a good balance between action and drama. We appreciate the development of a good story, whose main concerns are the obstacles risen between father and son, and the well choreographed action with some intense and brutal moments, quite rare in the more recent Hong Kong cinema.»
Twitch, by Mack source:
«SPL is one of the best movies to ever come out of Hong Kong. What it has done is reset the bar on quality and expression in HK film that has been sorely missed since the late 90s.»
A Nutshell Review, by Stefan S source:
«On the whole, the movie works, up till the supposed ending which put me off, and where the final "hurrah" brings it down a little. It has many stylized moments accompanied with an upbeat soundtrack, but it's substance over style that matters sometimes.»

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Yip, WilsonYIP Wilson
NG Wai Lun
SZETO Kam-Yuen
Chan, Kwong WingCHAN Kwong Wing
1618 Action Limited


Yen, DonnieYEN Donnie
as Insp. Ma Kwan
Kam-Bo, Sammo HungKAM-BO Sammo Hung
as Wong Po
Yam, SimonYAM Simon
as Det. Chan Kwok Chung
Wu, JackyWU Jacky
as Jack
Liu, Kai ChiLIU Kai Chi
as Det. Lok Kwun Wah
as Det. Kwok Tsz Sum (as Shiu Sing Ha)
as Det. Lee Wai Lok (as Chi-Hiu Cheung)
WAI Austin
as Det. Cheung Chun Fei
Hung, TimmyHUNG Timmy
as Drug Trafficker
SZE Vincent
as Chan Wai
CHAN Tat Chi
as Policeman (as Chan Tat Chee)
as Wong Po's Bodyguard
LIANG Jing-Kei
as Wong Po's Wife (as Liang Jing Kei)
TSUI Chris
as Wong Po's bodyguard
LAU Ching-Lam
as Hoi Yee (as Lau Ching Lam)
POON Maggie
as Sum's Daughter (as Maggie Poon Mei Ki)
LEUNG Yuen Kin
as Lagoon Monster
YUEN Kin Leung
as Lagoon Monster (as Yuen Kin Leung)
as Wong Po's bodyguard

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