Journey Under a Midnight Sun
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Journey Under a Midnight Sun

General info
Original title: Byakuyako
Country: Japan
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama, Serial
IMDB Rating: 7.1 49 votes
Plot: When Ryoji finds out that the object of his father's perversion is his first love, Yukiho, he kills him. To his horror, Yukiho's mother forced her to do so to relieve their dire economic straits. Yukiho also retaliates in similar manner by staging a suicide for her mother as well as herself. It's been 14 years since then and the boy that gave up everything and the girl that waged her life on the boy are struggling to continue to love each other. They grow up attempting to keep it secret and ride out the statute of limitations. In order to protect Yukiho, and improve her life, Ryoji enters the world of vice and dabbles in crimes to support her.
  • The TV series is based on bestseller of popular Japanese writer Keigo Higashino, author of the famous detective series Galileo.
  • In 2009 the novel was reshot in Korea as full-length movie White Night starring Han, Suk-Kyu, SON Ye-Jin and GO Soo. There is also a full-length Japanese movie with Horikita Maki and Kora Kengo in leading roles.
Comments: 11 episodes

Viewership ratings: 12.28
Theme song: Kage by Shibasaki Kou

Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color

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Tags: Journey Under a Midnight Sun, Byakuyako, 2006, Japanese movies, Drama movies, Serial movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Journey Under a Midnight Sun
J-fan source:
«Since people would have watched it anyway given the cast, you would think that TBS could make this drama as bad as they want; but what they did is pick a thrilling and passionate best-selling novel and give it a sure-sell cast. I know it's a matter of opinion of course, but this is the BEST drama of the season. Period. There's nothing that can compete with this. This is the one to see this season, and everyone knows it.»

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Higashino, KeigoHIGASHINO Keigo
Morishita, YoshikoMORISHITA Yoshiko


Yamada, TakayukiYAMADA Takayuki
as Kirihara Ryouji
Ayase, HarukaAYASE Haruka
as Karasawa Yukiho
Watabe, AtsuroWATABE Atsuro
as Matsuura Isamu
Kashiwabara, TakashiKASHIWABARA Takashi
as Shinozuka Kazunari
Tanaka, KoutarouTANAKA Koutarou
as Koga Hisashi
Koide, KeisukeKOIDE Keisuke
as Sonomura Tomohiko
Tanaka, KeiTANAKA Kei
as Kikuchi Michihiro
Yachigusa, KaoruYACHIGUSA Kaoru
as Karasawa Reiko
Okunuki, KaoruOKUNUKI Kaoru
as Nishiguchi Namie
Ôtsuka, ChihiroÔTSUKA Chihiro
as Kawashima Eriko
as Fujimura Miyako
as Kotake Ryoko
Shioya, ShunSHIOYA Shun
as Takamiya Makoto
Sato, HitomiSATO Hitomi
as Misawa Chizuru
Hirata, MitsuruHIRATA Mitsuru
as Kirihara Yosuke
Asou, YumiASOU Yumi
as Kirihara Yaeko
Kawai, MichikoKAWAI Michiko
as Nishimoto Fumiyo
Yo, KimikoYO Kimiko
as Taniguchi Mafumi
Nishida, NaomiNISHIDA Naomi
as Kurihara Noriko
Takeda, TetsuyaTAKEDA Tetsuya
as Sasagaki Junzo

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