Invisible Target
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Invisible Target

General info
Original title: Nan Er Ben Se (男兒本色)
Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 2007
Genre: Action, Crime
IMDB Rating: 6.7 1394 votes
Plot: The rise of Ronin Gang, a band of notorious robbers affected the lives of three policemen drastically. Each of the three policemen: Fang (starring Shawn Yue), Jing Hau (starring Jaycee Chan) and Chen (starring Nicholas Tse) have their own stories but are motivated to achieve a common goal: to bring Jiang (starring Wu Jing), the leader of the Ronin Gang to justice. Time is running out as Jiang's influence grew and the gang's ruthless acts are getting out hand. With Fang's wit, Jing Hau's courage and Chen's dexterity, the three vowed to capture Jiang. However, it was also during the intense period of tracking the Ronin Gang that the three learnt about the presence of a prominent figure in the police force who is in cahoots with Jiang. With all these against them, they are even more determined to rid the evil doings of Jiang and his accomplice...
Movie info
Language: Cantonese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 123

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Invisible Target (Nan Er Ben Se) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Invisible Target
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Ultimately, Invisible Target isn't a very good film, but it delivers enough action and even humor to satisfy the masses. What it doesn't deliver is an interesting story, truly developed characters, or a conclusion that feels like anything other than obligatory. »
Twitch, by The Visitor source:
«Benny Chan’s Invisible Target is loud, fast, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping, explosive, overall entertaining. The pace is good, the acting effective.»
Twitch, by Stefan source:
«If anything, Invisible Target is a Wu Jing movie, and one in which I’m not surprised if many actually throw their weight of support behind his character. It’s a movie that the villain outshines the heroes easily. »
Cinematical, by Peter Martin source:
«Invisible Target may not be strikingly original in either its plot or action choreography, but there's definitely something entirely positive to be said for a film that intends to be nothing more than a delivery system for adrenaline and keeps its promise in a very satisfying fashion.»
KFCC, by Daniel Thomas source:
« INVISIBLE TARGET mixes a weaving narrative, with just the right amount of twists and turns (unlike DIVERGENCE, which went over-egged its pudding), and some full-on action that delivers more than NEW POLICE STORY did.» , by Nix source:
«“Invisible Target” is more of the old school, the kind that would fit in nicely with the John Woo actioners of the late ’80s and ’90s, with ludicrous action sequences designed to be cool first and foremost, and filled with cartoonish violence on a grand scale.»

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Chan, BennyCHAN Benny
LING Chi-Man
LUI Melody
CHUE Anthony
Universe Films Ltd.


Tse, NicholasTSE Nicholas
Yue, ShawnYUE Shawn
Chan, JayceeCHAN Jaycee
Wu, JackyWU Jacky
Kwong, ElanneKWONG Elanne
Lam, Ka WahLAM Ka Wah
Lee, SamLEE Sam
LIU Candy
as Ho Ka Yee
Cheng, MarkCHENG Mark
On, AndyON Andy
Lam, SuetLAM Suet
Leung, AnsonLEUNG Anson
SZE Vincent
as Tien Yeng Chi
Lo, KenLO Ken
XUE Mei Wang
as Tien Yeng Yan (as Xue Mei Wang)
LU Lisa
as (as Yan Lu)
Ng, DeepNG Deep
as (as Ho-hong Ng)
Ng, PhilipNG Philip
as Little Tiger
Pang, SamuelPANG Samuel
Wong, Tak-BunWONG Tak-Bun
Yuen, TommyYUEN Tommy
FUNG Gladys
as Suzie the Girl
TSAI Chih Hung
as Taxi Passenger Hung (as Tsui Chi Hung)
WONG Chi Wai
as Brother Blackie (as Wong Chi Wai)
NG Siu Yik
as Brother Blackie's Son (as Ng Siu Yik)
CHAN Wai Nam
as Ronin (as Chan Wai Nam)
MA Tsz Fung
as Security Guard (as Ma Tsz Fung)
AU Yau Quan
as Security Guard (as Au Yau Quan)
KIT Lee Kai
as Chan's Assistant (as Lee Kai Kit)
as Chan's Assistant (as To Kong)
PANG Ngan Ling
as Chan's Assistant (as Pang Ngan Ling)
LAW Tin Chi
as Chan's Assistant (as Law Tin Chi)
as Loan Shark Cheng's Girl
LEE Wai-Ha
as Woman On Street (as Lee Wai Ha)
WAI Lai Chi
as Tea Restaurant Manager (as Lai Chi Wai)
CHAN Norman
as Thug in Restaurant
CHEUNG Shuet Kwan
as Carson's Assistant (as Cheung Shuet Kwan)
NG Pok-Yee
as Carson's Assistant (as Ng Pok Yee)
HO Tam Chun
as School Bus Child (as Priesky Tam)
CHAN Shannon
as School Bus Child
CHAN Moon Moon
as School Bus Child
YEUNG Chun Wai
as School Bus Child (as Yeung Chun Wai)
YEUNG Chin Nam
as School Bus Child (as Yeung Chin Nam)
LAW Mei Yin
as School Bus Child (as Law Mei Yin)
LAW Chin Kwong
as School Bus Child (as Law Chin Kwong)
LAU Miu Sze
as School Bus Child (as Lau Miu Sze)
as School Bus Child (as Chan Ka Hei)
CHAN Fu-Keung
as School Bus Child (as Chan Fu Keung)
as School Bus Child (as Tsang Kit Yui)
CHENG Wing Chi
as School Bus Child (as Cheng Wing Chi)
as School Bus Child (as Tong Man Ho)
KWOK Man-Lok
as Ho's Son (as Kwok Man Lok)
YUEH Yee-Man
as Ho's Wife (as Yueh Yee Man)
CHIN Wang Yue
as Goldsmith Manager (as Chin Wang Yue)
CHOW Nam Kan
as Deputy Police Commissioner (as Chow Nam Kan)
CHAN Hiu Wah
as Police Secretary (as Chan Hiu Wah)
Wai, Au HinWAI Au Hin
as Mental Hospital Doctor (as Au Hin Wai)
YAN Sze Yu
as Inspector Law's Assistant (as Yan Sze Yu)

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