Into the Mirror
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Into the Mirror

General info
Original title: Geoul Sokeuro
Country: South Korea
Year: 2003
Genre: Horror
IMDB Rating: 6.5 1485 votes
Plot: Wu Young-min, a former policeman who inadvertently brought about the death of his partner during a faceoff with a criminal, has quit the police force and now heads up security at Dreampia Department Store as an employee of the security company SecuZone. Having been caught up in the situation at the department store, Wu comes across his former rival and co-worker Ha Hyun-su, who now heads the investigation into the recent murders. The presence of Ha and the situation as a whole causes Wu to relive the horrendous memories which he has since tried to forget. Meanwhile, Choi Sang-ki is head of SecuZone, which is hurrying to solve the recent string of murders. A mysterious woman Lee Ji-hyun is also found lingering about the crime scenes. Without wishing it, Wu is drawn farther and farther into the deeping mystery surrounding the murders.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 113

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Into the Mirror (Geoul Sokeuro) trailer

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KIM Sung-Ho
Key Plus Pictures


Yu, Ji-TaeYU Ji-Tae
as Woo Yeong-min
KIM Myeong-Min
as Heo Hyeon-su
Kim, Hye-NaKIM Hye-Na
as Lee Ji-hyeon/Lee Jeong-hyeon
Gi, Ju-BongGI Ju-Bong
as Jeong Il-seong
KIM Myoeng-Su
as Choi Sang-gi
LEE Young-Jin
as Choi Mi-jeong
Jeong, Eun-PyoJEONG Eun-Pyo
as Kim, Il-hwan


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