Innocent Steps
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Innocent Steps

General info
Original title: Daenseo-Ui Sunjeong
Country: South Korea
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 6.9 361 votes
Plot: First step, first dance, first heartbeat...Will you dance with me?

Moon Geun-Young, star of the hit romantic comedy My Little Bride, takes the lead role in Innocent Steps, romantic comedy from director Park Young-Hun.

Hoping to make a comeback, Na Yeong-sae (Park Keon-hyeong) arranges to marry an ethnically Korean champion dancer from China. Only after they've registered does he find his bride is actually his intended's younger sister, Jang Chae-rin (Mun Geun-yeong), with almost zero terp experience. Between avoiding Eros' darts, Yeong-sae tries to train Chae-rin to competition standards in three months. Plot doesn't hold water for a second, but Chae-rin's gradual transformation from hick teen to sexy dance partner is cleverly handled by Mun (and pic's makeup and costume departments), and thesp is a nifty mover on the dance floor alongside musical performer Park.
Movie info
Language: Korean, Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 110

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Innocent Steps (Daenseo-Ui Sunjeong) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Innocent Steps
AsianMovieWeb, by source:
«"Innocent Steps" is a well-made romantic comedy, that might drift a little bit too much into drama halfway through. However, the dancing motif is implemented very well and unobtrusively, and the love story radiates a lot of charm thanks to two great actors.»
Kmovie Addicts Reviews, by iscpmc source:
«I also love the way the movie adopts an “out of the box” concept of romantic comedies and deviates from the usual lighthearted and predictable endings which is the norm for this movie genre. Just when the viewers thought that this is a typical romantic comedy where the ending is very obvious, it suddenly takes a 360 degree turn and becomes gritty and realistic.», by David Bjerre source:
«For a little over an hour "Innocents Steps" is the perfect romantic film. The kind you can cuddle up and watch with the love of your life.»

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Park, Young-HoonPARK Young-Hoon


Moon, Geun-YoungMOON Geun-Young
as Jang Chae-rin
Park, Keon-HyeongPARK Keon-Hyeong
as Na Young-sae
Yun, ChangYUN Chang
as Jung Hyun-soo
Park, Won-SangPARK Won-Sang
as Ma Sang-doo
Jeong, Yu-MiJEONG Yu-Mi
Kim, Ji-YeongKIM Ji-Yeong
Kim, ByeolKIM Byeol


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