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General info
Original title: Ichi
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Genre: Action
IMDB Rating: 6.4 788 votes
Plot: Ichi is a sole goze (blind woman singer) carrying only a shamisen (Japanese stringed instrument) and a walking stick, traveling on her own to find the man who has brought her up and cared for her as a child. People try to take advantage of the fact that she is blind, but Ichi fights back with her unusual skill with swords, using the sword hidden inside her walking stick.

An incident brings her to meet Toma, who tries to save Ichi from the Banki-to gang, but ends up showing his awful skills in swordplay and is saved by Ichi in return. Ichi unwillingly starts traveling together with Toma, and comes upon the village, where the Banki-to gang, led by the inhuman heartless Banki, is taking charge. They also run into Toraji, who is the successor of the Shirakawa yakuza family trying to keep order of the village apart from Banki. Toma offers to help, but Ichi is uninterested, until she finds that Banki might know the man she was looking for.

Now the dead battle is about to begin!

  • Fumihiko Sori, acclaimed for his direction in 'Ping Pong' (2002) and a hit CG Animation 'Vexille' (2007), revived classic Zatoichi saga with the main hero re-imagined as a female. The screenwriter is Taeko Asano, who worked on screenplay for popular live-action movie 'NANA'. And swordplay direction done by Hiroshi Kuze, the man behind sword battles in Akira Kurosawa's 'Ran'.
  • Haruka Ayase is only the second person to take up the role of blind sworldman from Shintaro Katsu who played in 27 feature films beginning in 1962 after Takeshi Kitano starred in his 2003 version 'Zatoichi'.
  • Actors Yosuke Kubozuka and Shido Nakamura also worked with Fumihiko Sori in 'Ping Pong'.
  • Filming took place in Shonai and Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 120

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ICHI (Ichi) trailer

Tags: ICHI, Ichi, 2008, Japanese movies, Action movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Twitch, by Todd Brown source: http://twitchfilm.net/site/view/sitges-2008-ichi-review/
«On the technical end this is arguably the best looking, best constructed film ever based on the Zatoichi mythos. It is simply gorgeous to look at. »
Swifty Writing by Edmund Yeo source: http://swiftywriting.blogspot.com/2008/11/swifty-reviews-ichi.html
«I think this is Sori's homage to this classic genre, so instead of loading the film with anachronisms, or throwing in nice little tap dancing moments, he follows genre conventions respectfully and with fondness, throwing in archetypes and predictable plot developments. In the end, I find it a little difficult to like the film, I truly appreciated it for the filmmaking, for the production values, for the performances, but I wasn't blown away.»
Lunapark6, by luna6 source: http://lunapark6.com/ichi.html
«“Ichi” won’t be thought of as a memorable film in any sort of way, there is Haruka Ayase roaming around feudal era Japan, slicing and dicing evil foes while gazing down like a model in commercial advertisement. There’s a lot worse things one can sit through.»

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Sori, FumihikoSORI Fumihiko
Shimozawa, KanSHIMOZAWA Kan
Asano, TaekoASANO Taeko


Ayase, HarukaAYASE Haruka
as Ichi
Nakamura, ShidoNAKAMURA Shido
as Banki
Kubozuka, YôsukeKUBOZUKA Yôsuke
as Toraji Shirakawa
Osawa, TakaoOSAWA Takao
as Toma Fujihira
CHIBA Kazuma
Emoto, AkiraEMOTO Akira
HANO Daishirô
ISHIZUKA Yoshihiro
KATÔ Masaki
Koga, MitsukiKOGA Mitsuki
KÔNO Usagi
as Blind vaudevillian
as Blind vaudevillian
MASUDA Toshiki
as Thug
Masumoto, ShôichirôMASUMOTO Shôichirô
Matsukata, HirokiMATSUKATA Hiroki
as Blind vaudevillian
NAGAE Masaaki
Namiki, ShirôNAMIKI Shirô
Rijû, GôRIJÛ Gô
Sada, MayumiSADA Mayumi
SHIMA Ryôsuke
Sugimoto, TettaSUGIMOTO Tetta
Takeuchi, RikiTAKEUCHI Riki
Tsuchiya, KumikoTSUCHIYA Kumiko

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