Hot Summer Days
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Hot Summer Days

General info
Original title: Chuen Sing Yit Luen - Yit Lat Lat (全城熱戀)
Country: China, Hong Kong, USA
Year: 2010
Genre: Romance, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 6.3 279 votes
Plot: Six love stories during the hottest heat wave one summer.

A young boy confesses in love, but has yet to prove it, having one hundred day trial.

An air conditioner repairman, who finds his popularity skyrocketing during the heat wave, meets a mysterious girl who rides a bike.

A professional driver mistakenly sends text message to a wrong number and starts up a virtual relationship with an unemployed lonely pianist.

A foodie writer returns to Hong Kong to rekindle their relationship with her former lover, an successful sushi chef, but he avoids her.

Flighty fashioned photographer fades after roughly dismisses provincial model and, despairing of cure, is going to look for her to ask for forgiveness.
Movie info
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 93

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Hot Summer Days (Chuen Sing Yit Luen - Yit Lat Lat) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Hot Summer Days
(overall rating: 2.9 out of 5 based on 4 reviews)
LoveHKFilm, by Kevin Ma source:
«Hot Summer Days sounds and looks great most of the time, making it much easier to overlook its flaws. As long as the audience can accept the film's flaws as they would those in the film's Hollywood equivalents, then a good time is almost guaranteed.», by John Li - 3/5 source:
«This lightweight movie will be a breeze to sit through in the sizzling heat.»
The Hollywood Reporter, by Justin Lowe source:
«Co-directors Wing Shya and Tony Chan seem to have lifted nearly every familiar shot from the romcom playbook, substituting imitation for originality and sentimentality for comedy. Aside from the unusual weather, "Hot Summer Days" generates too little heat to spark much fervor.»
The New York Times, by NEIL GENZLINGER source:
«The film, by Tony Chan and Wing Shya, is intricate without being taxing and does just what you want a date movie to do: generate high hopes about the exhilarating, sometimes painful adventure that is love. ... Sure, the film sometimes gets too syrupy — hey, it’s a date movie — but the way this tale finally ties into one of the others is sublime.»
Slant Magazine, by GLENN HEATH JR. - 1.5/4 source:
«Hot Summer Days ties up every bow, links the necessary characters and moods, and pushes past the bristling sweat and heat to find harmonic balance between all the different romantic scenarios, lame ironies be damned (one couple is named Wasabi and Soy Sauce). But if you're going to find love in this overheated world of convoluted romance, one must come full circle, if not by choice then by cinematic sledgehammer. Any characters with shades of dimension are forced to submit to this grueling courtship and enjoy the heat.»
Los Angeles Times, by Sheri Linden source:
«Unlike the similarly multi-strand "Valentine's Day," "Hot Summer Days" has heart, however overstated most of its action. Accentuating its weaknesses but lovely nonetheless is the twist of sorts, involving a factory worker and the boy who's smitten with her, that ends the movie with a sweet zing.»

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Chan, TonyCHAN Tony
Shya, WingSHYA Wing
YAN-TAI Eddie Chung
Fox International Productions (FIP)
Hot Summer Pictures
Huayi BrothersHuayi Brothers
Star Television


Tse, NicholasTSE Nicholas
as Ah Wai
Hsu, BarbieHSU Barbie
as Ding Dong
Cheung, JackyCHEUNG Jacky
as Wah
Liu, ReneLIU Rene
as Li Yan
Wu, DanielWU Daniel
as Master Chef
Hsu, VivianHSU Vivian
as Wasabi
Jing, BoranJING Boran
as Xiao Fang
Baby, AngelaBABY Angela
as Xiao Qi
Duan, YihongDUAN Yihong
as Leslie Guan
Fu, XinboFU Xinbo
as Da Fu
Wai, MichelleWAI Michelle
as Model
Liu, Chia HuiLIU Chia Hui
as Uncle Fai
He, ZhuoyanHE Zhuoyan
Chan, FruitCHAN Fruit
as Ice-cream Vendor
Cheung, MaggieCHEUNG Maggie
Yue, ShawnYUE Shawn
Choi, CharleneCHOI Charlene
Lamb, JanLAMB Jan
as (voice)
Yung, JoeyYUNG Joey
as (voice)
Vandebrouck, RosemaryVANDEBROUCK Rosemary
as Beach Girl
Yeung, KateYEUNG Kate
as Reporter
CHI-CHUNG Convoy Chan
as Boss of Repair Shop
GROGAN Cara Louise
as Girl in Lamborghini
as Apprentice 1
SISWOJO Julius Brian
as Apprentice 2

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