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General info
Original title: Holli-Dei
Country: South Korea
Year: 2006
Genre: Action, Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.9 254 votes
Plot: “Holiday ” is based upon an actual incident whose roots lie in the Korean government’s preparations for the 1988 Olympics, which saw them destroy countless neighbourhoods to make way for new developments in order to impress foreign visitors. In most cases, these neighbourhoods were squatter settlements whose inhabitants were forcibly cast onto the streets. This story is brought passionately to life by director Yang Yun-ho (“Fighter in the Wind”), who crafts it into a moving and violent tale of inequality.

The film’s plot follows Ji Kang Hyuk (Lee Song Jae, also in “Public Enemy”), whose best friend is gunned down during one of the clearances, and who is himself sent to prison. Here, he has the misfortune to fall under the care of Ahn Seok (played by Choi Min Soo, who starred in the director’s “Libera Me”), who just happens to be the man who killed his friend. After suffering under Ahn’s brutal regime, Ji and a motley gang of other inmates manage to escape, planning to draw attention to the oppressive and corrupt laws which have ruined so many lives.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 122

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Featured reviews for

BeyondHollywoodHoliday, by James Mudge source:
«” Holiday ” does not make for particularly cheerful viewing, and is more likely to be enjoyed by those seeking a gritty, depressing slice of Korean social history rather than the usual police thrillers. Although a little overlong and painfully earnest in places, it is certainly gripping, and though perhaps admirable rather than enjoyable, it stands as a worthy, well crafted piece of heartfelt and politically-charged cinema.»
Holiday on source:
«Disappointing movie that should be avoided, unless you like to watch a lot of excruciatingly long melodramatic scenes, mixed in with some decent moments.»
AsianMovieWeb review source:
«The movie never gets boring and it's worthy of praise that there is even a message that the film wants to convey. Some final touches would have been great, but even as it is we get a nice and at times even touching drama. »
Twitch, review by Todd source:
«Enter Yang's latest, Holiday. Again Yang's technical skill is abundantly clear and, once again, the script is the film's glaring weakness. Emotionally manipulative on a level that would make Spielberg blush with shame Holiday's characters are written in the broadest possible strokes, the point of the script driven home with a force equivalent to using a sledge hammer to drive in a tack.»

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Yang, Yun-HoYANG Yun-Ho
Hyunjin Cinema


Choi, Min-SuCHOI Min-Su
as Kim An-seok
as Lee Kwang-pal
as Kim Jang-kyung
Jo, AnJO An
as Ko Hyo-joo
LEE Bong-Gyu
as Lee Deok-man
Lee, EolLEE Eol
as Hwang Dae-chul
Lee, Sung-JaeLEE Sung-Jae
as Ji Kang-heon
MOON Young-Dong
as Kwon Sang-ho
SOL Sung-Min
as Lee Joo-hwan
Yeo, Hyeon-SooYEO Hyeon-Soo
as Choi Min-seok


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