Hold Up Down
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Hold Up Down

General info
Original title: Horudo Appu Daun
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating: 6.6 126 votes
Plot: A robbery gone wrong... leading to a wild goose chase... anything goes! Love, religion, wacky lines, it's all there. Wacky Japanese humor with a touch of cult, worth your 95min of wasted time. A item for the SABU fans.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 96

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Hold Up Down (Horudo Appu Daun) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Hold Up Down
Heroic Cinema, by Alison Jobling source: http://www.heroic-cinema.com/reviews/hardupdn
«All in all, then, this is a fast-paced caper that keeps you on the edge of your seat, complete with all the car chases, visual comedy, and deftness of touch that marks Sabu as one of the hottest directors in Japan. And if you like looking at pretty young Japanese men, well, all your prayers will be answered.»
Firecracker, by Erika Franklin at the Pusan International Film Festival source: http://www.firecracker-media.com/reviews/international_reviews/i_revie~~~2.shtml
«With a series of overlapping strands filled to the brim with off-the-wall characters, the film feels like a curious cross between the dream sequences of Twin Peaks, with a dash of the obligatory darkly comic religious allegory and even a twist of the bawdy, a la Benny Hill or Kenny Everett. But weirdly, it works: the sheer absurdity of the situation provides enough narrative drive to maintain, and even pique, our interest.»

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Tanaka, HiroyukiTANAKA Hiroyuki
J Storm K.K.


Inohara, YoshihikoINOHARA Yoshihiko
as Choji Kimata
Sakamoto, MasayukiSAKAMOTO Masayuki
as Masami Kiba
Nagano, HiroshiNAGANO Hiroshi
as Yusuke Hoshino
Miyake, KenMIYAKE Ken
as Yutaka Sagawa
Morita, GoMORITA Go
as Masaru Hiramatsu (as Gô Morita)
Okada, JunichiOKADA Junichi
as Koichi Sawamura (as Jun'ichi Okada)
Furuta, ArataFURUTA Arata
as Maeda
Kashii, YuKASHII Yu
as Rinko Akai
Himura, YûkiHIMURA Yûki
Ibu, MasatôIBU Masatô
Ito, AyumiITO Ayumi
as Kyoko Miyazaki
Morimoto, LeoMORIMOTO Leo
Shiina, EihiSHIINA Eihi
Shitara, OsamuSHITARA Osamu
Sugawara, DaikichiSUGAWARA Daikichi
Takahashi, HitomiTAKAHASHI Hitomi
as Kiyoko Sonoda

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