Hard Luck Hero
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Hard Luck Hero

General info
Original title: Hard Luck Hero
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 6 179 votes
Plot: This 2003 movie, written and directed by Japanese indies director SABU, stars all six members of V6 as unlucky guys having a very unlucky day.

Ikeyama Tdashi (Sakamoto Masayuki) and Kishimoto Kenta (Nagano Hiroshi) are two businessmen who just want to have lunch before a big presentation. Ishii Naoto (Inohara Yoshihiko) and Akai Takashi (Okada Junichi) are two coworkers who just want to throw the second round. Fujita Kenji (Morita Go) and Kudoh Yuji (Miyake Ken) are two friends who just want to pay back their debt. But through a series of events involving yakuza, police, and underground kickboxing, they all end up running for their lives.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 79

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Hard Luck Hero (Hard Luck Hero) trailer

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Hard Luck Hero
[KFCC], by Janick Neveu source: http://www.kfccinema.com/reviews/comedy/hardluckhero/hardluckhero.html
«What started as a music video collaboration between Avex Inc. and Japanese director Sabu, ended up as a full motion picture with more than just simple commercial appeal for fans of J-pop band V6.In fact, it shares the same brilliant quality with other Sabu classics such as Monday, and Drive. While singer-turned-actor films are quite common place, these types of films usually end up flopping due to the studio’s desire for an extremely commercial product, and the generally poor acting ability of an inexperienced cast. Despite that usual misfortune, Hard Luck Hero doesn’t fail to impress by unfolding a great story and memorable characters.»

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Tanaka, HiroyukiTANAKA Hiroyuki
MURASE Yasuhisa
Avex Inc.
Jonny Office Co. Ltd.


Nagano, HiroshiNAGANO Hiroshi
as Kenta Kishimoto
Sakamoto, MasayukiSAKAMOTO Masayuki
as Tadashi Ikeyama
Inohara, YoshihikoINOHARA Yoshihiko
as Naoto Ishii
Morita, GoMORITA Go
as Kenji Fujita
Miyake, KenMIYAKE Ken
as Yuji Fujita
Okada, JunichiOKADA Junichi
as Takashi Asai
Shiomi, SanseiSHIOMI Sansei
as Tetsuo Mishima
Terajima, SusumuTERAJIMA Susumu
as Shingo Shibata
Aikawa, ShoAIKAWA Sho
as Yakuza Boss
Furuta, ArataFURUTA Arata

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