Guard Post, The
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Guard Post, The

General info
Original title: G.P. 506 (GP506)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2008
Genre: Horror
IMDB Rating: 6 603 votes
Plot: Debuting at #1 spot at the Korean box office on its opening week, The Guard Post 506 (a.k.a. GP506) is writer/director Kong Su Chang's second feature film following his acclaimed horror R-Point, which was the highest-grossing Korean horror film of 2004. This gripping military horror revolves around the mysterious mass killing of an entire squad of soldiers stationed at Guard Post 506 inside the demilitarized zone. Isolating the audience in the confined area of no man's land at the border of North and South Korea, director Kong reflects on the scars inflicted by the country's historical tragedy, while providing a dark, brooding, and claustrophobic atmosphere that sets up for the perfect breeding ground for death.

When soldiers and officers of GP 506 located somewhere in the vicinity of the DMZ fail to report back to their superiors, officials of the South Korean military began to get worried over the possibility of North Korean commandos since protocol requires ROK military guard posts to report after every half hour. A team of military police soldiers arrive at GP 506 to investigate the area before the military covers the whole incident up over the possibility of having a public relations mess as the base's commander is the son of a high-ranking South Korean army officer.

Though they had located two surviving soldiers, one of them being an enlisted soldier and a suspect in the mass murders and the other the said base's commanding officer, the MP team finds out that a homicidal virus is responsible for the massacre and they later get isolated in the same post due to the raging weather while being infected with the same disease.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 120

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Guard Post, The (G.P. 506) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Guard Post, The
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«It certainly is one of the more unique horror films made to date, especially if you like your horror with lots of mystery. »
Twitch, by Todd Brown source:
«R Point was a film also blessed with a strong premise but crippled by muddy story telling and while Kong has improved some from that film to this, The Guard Post is still deeply flawed and very frustrating for the way it fails to deliver on its promise. »
Screen Dialy, by Lee Marshall source:
«This not a standard Asian horror product, however - more of a thriller with gruesome detailing. High on tense and claustrophobic atmosphere but low on character development and dramatic coherence, it still has enough attitude to appeal to fans of the director's strikingly similar 2004 'military horror' R-Point, and niche DVD labels may want to take a look.»

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Kong, Su-ChangKONG Su-Chang
Motis Productions


Jeon, Ho-JinJEON Ho-Jin
as Sergeant Major Seong-gyu Noh
Hyun-Jae, ChoHYUN-JAE Cho
as 1st Lt. Jeong-u Yoo
Lee, Young-HoonLEE Young-Hoon
as Corporal Jin-won Kang
Lee, Jeong-HeonLEE Jeong-Heon
as Doctor
YU Tae-Seong
as 1st Lt. Bang
Son, Byung-HoSON Byung-Ho
as cameo
Park, Won-SangPARK Won-Sang
as cameo


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