Golden Slumber
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Golden Slumber

General info
Original title: Goruden Suranba (ゴールデンスランバー)
Country: Japan
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7.4 215 votes
Plot: Aoyogi is just an average delivery truck driver, although one who gained a certain amount of fame two years earlier for rescuing pop idol Rinka from a burglar. He meets an old college friend near the parade route of Prime Minister, who visited Sendai this day. Suddenly, the Prime Minister is assassinated, and Aoyogi becomes the prime suspect. Now police and government spies are after him and Aoyagi is forced to run for his life with no clue why it’s all happening. As the befuddled fugitive attempts to evade capture, old friends and new sympathizers come out of the woodwork to help counter the conspiracy at every turn.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Golden Slumber (Goruden Suranba) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Golden Slumber
(overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)
eFilmCritic, by Jay Seaver - 4/5 source:
«"Golden Slumber" is a fun, fast-paced roller coaster that sustains a high level of energy for much longer that is typical, and ends with a series of bangs that do justice to the ones that kicked it off.»
The Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow, by Chris MaGee source:
«"Golden Slumber" is the rare Japanese film that gets the heart-stopping chases and continually racheted tension Hollywood thrillers right. There are two main players in this success. Of course one is Nakamura who, as he works from a script by Kotaro Isaka himself, never lets Aoyagi's run from justice lag for too long. The other is lead actor Masato Sakai. »
Twitch, by Lauren Baggett source:
«Golden Slumber delivers an intriguing fusion of the conspiracy thriller and the calm, sunny flavor of nostalgia film that Japan is particularly talented at churning out. This melding of genres comes off fantastically, working so harmoniously for the most part that you couldn't imagine the story being told any other way. »
The Moviefone Blog, by Peter Martin source:
«Under the expert direction of Yoshihiro Nakamura, 'Golden Slumber' smoothly veers from political thriller to human drama to family comedy and then back again. Nakamura, who made the amazing 'Fish Story,' isn't afraid of naked emotionalism. Yet even when the movie's heart is on its sleeve, it never feels contrived; Nakamura reins in the melodrama in a captivating, compelling manner. »
Variety, by Derek Elley source:
«Yoshihiro Nakamura's adaptation of Kotaro Isaka's novel dawdles so much during its first 100 minutes that, when the momentum starts to click, many auds will have given up the chase with the pic's luckless hero.»
Film School Rejects, by Rob Hunter source:
«We’ve seen these “wrong man” movies before, and while Golden Slumber is as suspenseful as the best of them it also manages the rare success of truly making us feel and care for the innocent man. ... Friendship and faith in others are strong themes here, and they add an unexpected emotional weight to the mystery, action, and humor that combine to make up this intelligent, heartfelt, and intricately structured thriller.»

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Nakamura, YoshihiroNAKAMURA Yoshihiro
Isaka, KotaroISAKA Kotaro


Sakai, MasatoSAKAI Masato
as Masaharu Aoyagi
Takeuchi, YukoTAKEUCHI Yuko
as Haruko Higuchi
Yoshioka, HidetakaYOSHIOKA Hidetaka
as Shingo Morita
Gekidan, HitoriGEKIDAN Hitori
as Kazuo Ono
Hamada, GakuHAMADA Gaku
as Kill-O
Shibukawa, KiyohikoSHIBUKAWA Kiyohiko
as Iwasaki
Emoto, AkiraEMOTO Akira
as Yasushi Hodogaya
as Shizuo Todoroki
Omori, NaoOMORI Nao
as Nobuyuki Hikuchi
Kanjiya, ShihoriKANJIYA Shihori
as Rinka
Aibu, SakiAIBU Saki
as Koume Inoue
Nagashima, ToshiyukiNAGASHIMA Toshiyuki
Ishimaru, KenjiroISHIMARU Kenjiro
Itô, ShirôITÔ Shirô
as Hirakazu Aoyagi
Kagawa, TeruyukiKAGAWA Teruyuki
as Ichitaro Sasaki
Tei, RyushinTEI Ryushin
as Ami Tsuruta

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