Glorious Team Batista, The
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Glorious Team Batista, The

General info
Original title: Chîmu Bachisuta No Eiko (チーム・バチスタの栄光)
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.9 92 votes
Plot: Toho University Hospital has established an outstanding coronary surgery team under the leadership of an up-and-coming star, a U.S.-trained surgeon who specializes in the highly risky Batista procedure to shrink the size of enlarged hearts. Normally, this procedure has only a 60% success rate, but Team Batista has achieved a run of 26 straight successes. When suddenly three patients in a row die on the operating table, the hospital must investigate to find out why.
  • The movie adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Takeru Kaido.
  • Kaido Takeru still works as a doctor.
  • There is also television series based on the same novel and with same title starring Atsushi Ito as Kohei Taguchi and Toru Nakamura as Keisuke Shiratori.
  • A sequel to the film titled The Triumphant Return of General Rouge was released March 7, 2009. The sequel will be adapted from 'General Rouge no Gaisen,' which is the third book in the same novel series as 'Team Batista.' Yuko Takeuchi and Hiroshi Abe will reprise their roles, with director Yoshihiro Nakamura also returning.
  • In the original novel, Taguchi was written a male middle aged character.

Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 120

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Glorious Team Batista, The (Chîmu Bachisuta No Eiko) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Glorious Team Batista, The
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«When its all said and done, there’s a fine build up in “The Glorious Team Batista,” but the pay-off doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Even with the less than overwhelming ending, Team Batista is still a lot of fun to watch. ... “The Glorious Team Batista” provides a lot of popcorn fun, especially so if you are a fan of popular Japanese cinema.»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«The Glorious Team Batista is a ragingly obvious commercial film, with manufactured characters, drama, and situations that seem ripped from a pulpy bestseller you might find featured in an airport bookstore. ... Hiroshi is fun to watch, and Takeuchi has a warm and pleasant screen presence, which helps offset her thin character.»
Japan Times Onlibe, by MARK SCHILLING source:
«The mystery ends up being not so mysterious, but the lively if prickly interplay between Abe and Takeuchi, as well as the film's sharp insights into the absurdities and frauds of the Japanese medical system, make "Batista" more than the sum of its clues — and news clippings.»
Twitch, by Brown source:
«The technical end is solid and the performances good enough but the script for this just feels far more like a lengthy episode of prime time network television from the pre-HBO era...», by John Li source:
«Viewers will be left questioning as the movie plods along, challenging the intelligence and testing the patience of the audiences. Takechi’s hospital director and Abe’s health ministry official find time amidst the setup to spark off some nice chemistry too.»

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Nakamura, YoshihiroNAKAMURA Yoshihiro
KAIDO Takeru
Toho CompanyToho Company


Abe, HiroshiABE Hiroshi
as Keisuke Shiratori
Takeuchi, YukoTAKEUCHI Yuko
as Kimiko Taguchi
Kikkawa, KojiKIKKAWA Koji
as Kyoichi Kiryu
Ikeuchi, HiroyukiIKEUCHI Hiroyuki
as Ryo Narumi
Tamayama, TetsujiTAMAYAMA Tetsuji
as Toshiki Sakai
Igawa, HarukaIGAWA Haruka
as Naomi Otomo
Taguchi, HiromasaTAGUCHI Hiromasa
as Takayuki Haba
Tanaka, NaokiTANAKA Naoki
as Koichiro Himuro
Sano, ShirôSANO Shirô
as Yuji Kakitani
Nogiwa, YôkoNOGIWA Yôko
as Nurse Fujiwara
Hiraizumi, SeiHIRAIZUMI Sei
as Seiichiro Kurosaki
Kunimura, JunKUNIMURA Jun
as Kenta Takashina

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