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GANTZ Part 1

General info
Original title: Gantz Zenpen (GANTZ 前編)
Country: Japan
Year: 2011
Genre: Action
IMDB Rating: 6.6 265 votes
Plot: Kei Kurono, a college student indifferently and mechanically enduring the job-hunting process when he sees an old friend Masaru Kato, who he hasn't spoken to in years, on a subway platform. Initially he pretends not recognizing him but when Kato tries to rescue a drunk who has fallen on the tracks, Kurono is finally persuaded through guilt to try to help him - and end up dragged onto the tracks just as the express train comes through the station.

In next moment the two friends find themselves transported to an empty apartment populated by other confused strangers and a mysterious black sphere known only as Gantz. Gantz gives them futuristic weapons and suits that grant them superhuman abilities along with instructions to hunt down and kill aliens, who are covertly invading the Earth.
  • The movie is based on cult sci-fi manga by Hiroya Oku, 29 volumes of which have sold over 15 million copies.

  • Estimated production costs were approximately 4 billion yen ($45 millions). $22 millions were spent on CGI, stunts and special effects.

  • GANTZ body suit had cost 500,000 yen ($6, 000) to make.

  • Filming started in November, 2009 and lasted almost six months.

  • In USA Gantz is distributed by VIZ Company and it held the U.S. world premiere simultaneously at 300 theaters nationwide 9 days before it opened in Japan.

  • The second part Gantz: Perfect Answer will be released in Japan on May 23, 2011.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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GANTZ Part 1 (Gantz Zenpen) trailer

Tags: GANTZ Part 1, Gantz Zenpen, 2011, Japanese movies, Action movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

GANTZ Part 1
(overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 5 reviews)
The Japan Times, By MARK SCHILLING - 3.5/5 source:
«In fact, "Gantz" is closer in form and spirit to "Symbol" (2009), comic Hitoshi Matsumoto's playfully wacko exploration of a dreamlike (or nightmarish) alternative reality, though the jokes in "Gantz" are of the blackest shade. Another point of comparison is the Wachowski brothers' "The Matrix," in which unseen entities manipulate our reality for their own murky purposes. But whatever its influences, beginning with the 1959 Robert Sheckley novel "Immortality, Inc." that inspired Oku, "Gantz" stands on its own.»
Anime News Network, by Zac Bertschy - B+ source:
«As a basic, mostly unremarkable sci-fi action flick, Gantz doesn't fail. It's a slick-looking, technically well-made picture that rises above the lacking production values that smear so many other anime and manga adaptations. Unfortunately, what it does fail at is being true to the spirit of the original story, and for fans of the original, it's a disappointment and a missed opportunity.»
Twitch, by Brandon Tenold source:
«At their best, the action sequences are both exciting and humorous. Given that the movie concerns humans using strange weapons to take down alien monsters, "Gantz" almost seems like a bloodier version of "Men in Black" at times. ... Overall, "Gantz" is a pretty good slice of Japanese-style popcorn cinema. It ain't high art, but I will say this: I'm already looking forward to Part 2. »
eFilmcritic, by Jay Seaver - 4/5 source:
«By the time it's finished, a lot of blood has been spilled (both alien and human), and while the film ends on a clear set-up for an already-filmed Part II, it doesn't feel particularly incomplete. It's a satisfying chunk of sci-fi action - not quite the pure jolt to the id that the manga is, but a good ride with a good mystery nonetheless.»
DVD Talk, by Neil Lumbard - 3.5/5 source:
«It is not entirely faithful adaptation, nor is it entirely perfect. But it is fun. As long as you can accept that simple fact you might have a good time. This live action incarnation truly represents an entertaining if slightly mixed bag of sci-fi goodness for genre devotees.»

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Sato, ShinsukeSATO Shinsuke
OKU Hiroya
Watanabe, YusukeWATANABE Yusuke
Kawai, KenjiKAWAI Kenji
Toho CompanyToho Company


Matsuyama, KenichiMATSUYAMA Ken'ichi
as Masaru Kato
Ninomiya, KazunariNINOMIYA Kazunari
as Kei Kurono
Watanabe, NatsunaWATANABE Natsuna
as Kei Kishimoto
Hongô, KanataHONGÔ Kanata
as Joichiro Nishi
Yoshitaka, YurikoYOSHITAKA Yuriko
as Tae Kojima
Taguchi, TomorowoTAGUCHI Tomorowo
as Yoshikazu Suzuki
Yamada, TakayukiYAMADA Takayuki
as Masamitsu Shigeta
Chisaka, KensukeCHISAKA Kensuke
as Ayumu Kato
Asano, KazuyukiASANO Kazuyuki
as Kurono's father
Shiraishi, ShunyaSHIRAISHI Shun'ya
as Hiroto Sakurai
Komatsu, ToshimasaKOMATSU Toshimasa
as school teacher (Onion Alien mission)
Ochiai, MotokiOCHIAI Motoki
as blond guy (Onion Alien mission)
Kobayashi, KazuhideKOBAYASHI Kazuhide
as yakuza (Onion Alien mission)
Ichikawa, ChiekoICHIKAWA Chieko
as old lady with grandson (Tanaka mission)
Tsuchihira, DonpeiTSUCHIHIRA Donpei
as priest (Buddha Mission)
as Shiraishi Izumi (Buddha Mission)
Furusawa, YusukeFURUSAWA Yusuke
as man in camouflage (Buddha Mission)

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