Flying Boys
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Flying Boys

General info
Original title: Ballet Gyoseubso (발레 교습소)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2004
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.3 137 votes
Plot: Min-jae is in his final year of high school and has the two biggest problems of being a teenager: he needs to decide what he would like to do with his future, and he has a crush on Soo-jin - a teenage girl who lives in the same building. Min-jae and his friends finish their exams a decide to celebrate by getting drunk and 'borrowing' Min-jae's fathers car. When Min-jae is caught by the local ballet teacher - driving intoxicated and without a license – he finds himself and his friends being blackmailed into attending her dance classes. On arrival at the dance studios, Min-jae isn't pleased to find that Soo-jin will also be taking the class - although he soon realises that it might give him a chance to get to know her...
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 119

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Flying Boys (Ballet Gyoseubso) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Flying Boys, by Darcy Paquet source:
«Flying Boys has a plot, of course -- and an interesting one -- but more important than the events it covers, the film's heart lies in sketching an honest, understanding portrait of a particular time in life: the last year of high school. ... Still, it's hard not to look on this film with a great deal of affection. It's very good at portraying the small victories and losses we face in the process of becoming an adult.», by Martin Cleary source:
«FLYING BOYS is in many ways very, very average. What stands in its favour – and raises it just above the stifle-a-yawn-average-status it seems to promise – is the quality of the filmmaking. It offers no surprises, but it's a feelgood film that's well told, well written and well acted.»

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Byun, Young-JooBYUN Young-Joo
Jo, Yeong-WookJO Yeong-Wook
Fun and Happiness


Yun, Gye-SangYUN Gye-Sang
as Kang Min-jae
Kim, Min-JungKIM Min-Jung
as Hwangbo Su-jin
On, Ju-WanON Ju-Wan
as Chang-seob
Lee, Jun-GiLEE Jun-Gi
as Dong-wan
Kim, Dong-WookKIM Dong-Wook
as Ki-tae
To, Ji-WonTO Ji-Won
as Jung-sook
Kang, Do-HanKANG Do-Han
as Jong-seok
PARK Glena
as Seung-eon
LEE Seong-Seob
as Do-il
JO Han-Hie
as Hyang-ja
LEE Jong-Won
Na, Eun-KyeongNA Eun-Kyeong
PARK Grina

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