Fly, Daddy, Fly
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Fly, Daddy, Fly

General info
Original title: Furai, Dadi, Furai (フライ,ダディ,フライ)
Country: Japan
Year: 2005
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.4 41 votes
Plot: Forty-seven year old salaryman Suzuki’s life gets turned upside down due to a dramatic tragedy when his teenage daughter becomes the victim of violence at the hands of another senior high student, boxer Ishihara. Director of the school, who represents Ishihara's father due to his political extreme busyness, throws Suzuki a cover-up money to forget the case. Furious, crazed Suzuki goes to Ishihara’s school with a kitchen knife. However he does not find Ishihara in disarray and instead, comes to some municipal school where meets a group of high school students who are more than willing to assist him in exacting payback. The group leader Pak Sun Shin, decides to train Suzuki during a summer vacation to take revenge for his daughter.
  • The movie is based upon a novel of the same name by Japanese author Kaneshiro Kazuki ('GO!').

  • There is a korean movie adaptation of this book with the same name that was released in 2006.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 121

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Fly, Daddy, Fly (Furai, Dadi, Furai) trailer

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Narushima, IzuruNARUSHIMA Izuru
Kaneshiro, KazukiKANESHIRO Kazuki
Toei CompanyToei Company


Okada, JunichiOKADA Junichi
as Soon-Shin Park (as Jun'ichi Okada)
Tsutsumi, ShinichiTSUTSUMI Shin'ichi
as Hajime Suzuki
Matsuo, ToshinobuMATSUO Toshinobu
as Minakata
Sudô, GenkiSUDÔ Genki
as Yusuke Ishihara
Hoshii, NanaseHOSHII Nanase
as Haruka Suzuki
Aika, MireAIKA Mire
as Yuko Suzuki
Shiomi, SanseiSHIOMI Sansei
as Shogo Hirasawa
Aoki, MunetakaAOKI Munetaka
as Kayano
Sakamoto, MakotoSAKAMOTO Makoto
as Yamashita
Taguchi, HiromasaTAGUCHI Hiromasa
as Takahashi
Morooka, MoroMOROOKA Moro
as Abe
Nukumizu, YôichiNUKUMIZU Yôichi
as Mochizuki
Asano, KazuyukiASANO Kazuyuki
as Yamamura
Kanbe, HiroshiKANBE Hiroshi
as Ishizaki
Kôkami, ShôjiKÔKAMI Shôji
as (as Shôji Kôkami)
Ôkôchi, HiroshiÔKÔCHI Hiroshi
as Koguma
Tokui, YuTOKUI Yu
as Goto (as Yû Tokui)
Shibuya, AsukaSHIBUYA Asuka
as Naoko Miura
as Itayoshi

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