Fist of Legend
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Fist of Legend

General info
Original title: Jing Wu Ying Xiong (精武英雄)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1994
Genre: Action, Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.6 7914 votes
Plot: Over twenty years since the first telling of the story, Bruce Lee's 'Chinese Connection' returns to the screen.

Chen Zhen, a Chinese engineering student in Kyoto, who braves the insults and abuse of his Japanse fellow students for his local love Mitsuko Yamada, daughter of the director, returns in 1937 to his native Shangai, under Japanse protectorate -in fact military occupation- after reading about the death of his kung-fu master Hou Ting-An in a fight against the Japanese champion Ryuichi Akutagawa. While overcoming suspicion and ambition within the kungfu school, Chen exhumes his master to prove Hou's defeat was the result of poisoning. Both nationalities make the case a test of honor, so Chinese and Japanese pride are at stake when it culminates in Chen's final epic duel against the ruthless, undefeated Japanese general Fujita.
Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 98

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Fist of Legend (Jing Wu Ying Xiong) trailer

Tags: Fist of Legend, Jing Wu Ying Xiong, 1994, Hong Kong movies, Action movies, Drama movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Fist of Legend
Kung Fu Cinema, by Mark Pollard source:
«Despite its ill-timed release and in spite of a few minor detracting factors, Gordon Chan’s FIST OF LEGEND is a brilliant kung fu masterpiece that gets right to the point by displaying grounded, yet stylized fight choreography that is in a class of its own.», by Peter Zsurka source:
« This film has the reputation of being one of Jet Li's best movies, when you see this movie you will understand why. The fights are of an unparalleled beauty, the moves and techniques are perfect.»
DVD Verdict source:
«This is Jet Li at his most impressive, both physically and emotionally; his action stuff here (choreographed with the legendary Yuen Wo-Ping) is jaw-dropping and his acting is both subtle and bracing. This is the total package, an excellent story and top-shelf acting peppered with some of the greatest hand-to-hand exchanges in cinematic history.»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
« If one could fault the film for anything, it would be its distinct lack of any real passion or emotion. The seeds of good drama are there, but Gordon Chan handles everything in a remarkably workman-like fashion. The result is entertaining and sometimes exciting, but any and all drama outside of the fighting seems necessitated by script and not really character.»

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Chan, GordonCHAN Gordon
TOA Lan Kay
Eastern Productions


Li, JetLI Jet
as Chen Zhen
Nakayama, ShinobuNAKAYAMA Shinobu
as Mitsuko Yamada
Chin, Siu-HouCHIN Siu-Hou
as Hou Ting-An (as Chin Siu Ho)
Chow, BillyCHOW Billy
as General Fujita
(Supreme Killer) (as Billy Chau)
Kurata, YasuakiKURATA Yasuaki
as Fuimo Funakoshi
Chun, PaulCHUN Paul
as Uncle Noh (as Paul Chiang)
as Rose
Yuen, Cheung-YanYUEN Cheung-Yan
as Captain Jie
TAKAHASHI Toshimichi
as Japanese Ambassador
TAM Carol
as Wei
LIU Jackson
as Ryuichi Akutagawa (as Lou Hsueh Hsien)
Wong, SunWONG Sun
as Cook
LEE Man Biu
as Biu
as English Gentleman at dock
DANG Taai Woh
as Ngai
MAK Gary
as Lun - Jingwu Mun student

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