Fish Story
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Fish Story

General info
Original title: Fisshu Sutorî (フィッシュストーリー)
Country: Japan
Year: 2009
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating: 7.5 411 votes
Plot: Back in 1975, one year before Sex Pistols debute, the first Japanese punk band recorded a song entitled 'Fish Story'. The song did not hit any attention in their own time, the single ended up on desolated shelfs of record stores, the band gived up shortly and breaked up unnoticed. But strangely, as time passes the song becomes surrounded by odd rumors: someone tells that at a certain point in the recording there is a brief interlude where psychics can hear a woman scream, some others predicts that the song have fate to save the world and humanity.
  • Fish story based on novel by Kotaro Isaka (Sweet Rain)
  • The song used in the film was produced by Kazuyoshi Saito in a collaboration with Kotaro Isaka.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 112

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Fish Story (Fisshu Sutorî) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Fish Story
(overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)
Cinematical, by Peter Martin source:
«Fish Story engages, delights, and surprises as it criss-crosses wildly through the decades, and I think it's the kind of movie that a broad variety of people would enjoy ... Fish Story is refreshingly balanced, neither ignorant of the dark tragedies that shadow our lives, nor willing to give up and go along with the tide.»
CHUD, NYAFF review by Alex Riviello - 9.5/10 source:
«This movie demonstrates the reasons we all love Asian film in the first place. It's a glorious mix of genres, from music documentary to horror to martial arts action, all interspersed with an incredible sense of humor and sentimentality.»
Variety, By RUSSELL EDWARDS source:
«Low-budgeter is set across multiple time periods, which, thanks to near-zero production values, look almost identical, but a strong concept, a rocking main tune and an amusing middle act are all solid bait. ... Nakamura's direction is functional, only sparingly adorned with stylish flourishes.»
The Hollywood Reporter, by Elizabeth Ker source:
«To say the temporal manipulations are jarring is an understatement (there are five distinct "eras" where the action unfolds), but director Nakamura Yoshihiro handles the shifting time frames and multiple characters with ease and keeps things appropriately understandable and mysterious.»
Nippon Cinema, by Kevin Ouellette source:
«Fish Story has a quirky charm that defies spoiler-free explanation, but adventuresome film fans who decide to check it out anyway will be rewarded for their curiosity.»
We are Movie Geeks, by Kent source:
«Fish Story is a rare kind of film. It’s the kind where right away you know you’re watching something truly amazing and when it all comes to a conclusion you immediately want to start it over again to see where all the hints to the future are, where are all the links between one story and the next.»
Film School Rejects, by Dr. Cole Abaius - B+ source:
«It even manages a great joke about “Project Armageddon,” an attempt by the U.S. to blow up the meteor with nukes.», by James Wallace 8/10 source:
«Like punk music itself, FISH STORY has something to say and I think you should hear it.»

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Nakamura, YoshihiroNAKAMURA Yoshihiro
Isaka, KotaroISAKA Kotaro


Ito, AtsushiITO Atsushi
as Shigeki
Kora, KengoKORA Kengo
as Goro
Tabe, MikakoTABE Mikako
as schoolgirl
Hamada, GakuHAMADA Gaku
as Masaru
Moriyama, MiraiMORIYAMA Mirai
as waiter
Omori, NaoOMORI Nao
as Okazaki
Takahashi, MaiTAKAHASHI Mai
as Haruko
Shibukawa, KiyohikoSHIBUKAWA Kiyohiko
as Tetsuya
Okawa, ToshimitsuOKAWA Toshimitsu
as Ryoji
Mashima, HidekazuMASHIMA Hidekazu
as Tani
Eguchi, NorikoEGUCHI Noriko
as Shigeki's girlfriend
Yamanaka, TakashiYAMANAKA Takashi
as Kentaro, Masaru's friend
Namioka, KazukiNAMIOKA Kazuki
as Satoru, Masaru's friend
Ishimaru, KenjiroISHIMARU Kenjiro
as prophet
GIRY Vincent
as Spacecraft Pilot

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