First Love
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First Love

General info
Original title: Hatsukoi
Country: Japan
Year: 2000
Genre: Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.1 148 votes
Plot: A teenage girl finds a love letter written by her mother to her first love. With her mother in the hospital, Satoka sets out on a quest to locate her mother's first love and arrange a romantic reconciliation. But reality isn't as simple as plan: the guy turns out to be a hopeless gambler and a deadbeat with marriage problems of his own. Satoka's naive dream runs into some painful adult realities before resolving itself in an unexpected, moving way.

A teenage girl whose relationship with her father is deterioratad one day after another as her mother is hospitalised for cancer. One day while cleaning her mother's room, she finds an unsent letter designated to a man. Is this her mother's first love? The girl is off to look for the man.

This movie is absolutely beautiful, the flow of the story is very pleasant. Hiroyuki Sanada is featured in the film, he plays a good-for-nothing convincingly. Acting from Rena Tanaka is top notch who happens to be one of my very favourites japanese actress who can actually act. She is prolly the best actress in her generation!
This is one of the best coming of age films, I just love this film! Joe Hisaishi's music is perfect for the film! I just don't find any flaws in this film as more japanese dramas are headin toward art house films which is beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, the film is a must-see for drama fans! I remember after seeing this film I craved for more japanese dramas!
(c) Pemu
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 113

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Shinohara, TetsuoSHINOHARA Tetsuo
Nagasawa, MasahikoNAGASAWA Masahiko
Hisaishi, JoeHISAISHI Joe
Bandai Visual CompanyBandai Visual Company
Engine Film


Tanaka, RenaTANAKA Rena
as Satoka Aida
Harada, MiekoHARADA Mieko
as Shizue Aida
Hirata, MitsuruHIRATA Mitsuru
as Yasuhito Aida
Sanada, HiroyukiSANADA Hiroyuki
as Shinichirô Fujiki
as Akihito Tatara
SATÔ Makoto
MITO Hineki


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