Fighter in the Wind
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Fighter in the Wind

General info
Original title: Baramui Fighter
Country: South Korea
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 7 1603 votes
Plot: Choi Baedal travels to Japan during the Second World War in the hope of becoming a pilot. Because he is Korean, and therefore deemed a second class citizen, his dreams are dashed. Spending two years in the mountains training his body and mind, Choi returns to Japan and embarks upon a mission to prove his worth...
Movie info
Language: Japanese, Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 120

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Fighter in the Wind (Baramui Fighter) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Fighter in the Wind
KFCC, by David Leong source:
«FIGHTER IN THE WIND is one of the best martial arts movies to come out in a while, at least since Ong Bak, but with better acting and plotting overall. It is dramatic without getting too sappy; sentimental without being too corny; and it has some terrific choreography that matches the melodrama needed to tell the story of a man who challenges the world and wins.» source:
«The cinematography is beautiful and the choreography is at times awesome to look at. Some of the fights have slow motion in them, but never so much that it ruins them or that they feel too stylish. Expect a lot of cool fights but also some very good drama and that makes it more than your average Kung Fu movie. Recommended. », by Nix source:
«On the whole, "Fighter in the Wind" is probably too long at two hours, and as if the whole Yoko subplot wasn’t gratuitous enough, the film goes on a 20-minute tangent towards the end that destroys any semblance of pacing. Still, the action is gritty and well choreographed, and Dong-kun Yang, as the eternally disheveled Bae-dal, is quite good.»

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Yang, Yun-HoYANG Yun-Ho
CHOI Man-Sik


Yang, Dong-KunYANG Dong-Kun
as Choi Bae-dal
Hirayama, AyaHIRAYAMA Aya
as Yoko
Kato, MasayaKATO Masaya
as Kato
as Chun-bae
Jung, Doo-HongJUNG Doo-Hong
as Beom-su
ANSELMO David Joseph
as James's friend
ARNOLD Michael Frederick
as Military Police
LEE Han-Garl
as Miwa
PARK Seong-Min
as Ryoma

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