Enter The Phoenix
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Enter The Phoenix

General info
Original title: Daai Lo Oi Mei Lai
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2004
Genre: Action, Comedy
IMDB Rating: 5.9 530 votes
Plot: Stephen Fung's directorial debut Enter The Phoenix grossed over $10 million at the Hong Kong box office in 16-days' opening. The director/actor Fung revives classic Mafia topics with shades of black humor while tempering contentiousness of homosexuality with the love of father-and-son.

Georgie Hung (Daniel Wu) is handsome, stylish, and charming, but he hides a secret that his old fashioned father, Hung (who is a triad leader), can never forgive: he has been sent to Thailand since he was a child and never returned. After Hung's death, his right-hand Cheung intends to bring back Georgie to take over. However, Cheung finds Sam (Eason Chen), Georgie's flat-mate, whom he mistakes for Georgie. Because of this mistaken identity, Sam becomes a triad leader and Georgie becomes his right-hand. On their return, their rival, Chow (Stephen Fung), learns Georgie's secret and reveals it to the rest of the triad, hoping to become Godfather himself..
Movie info
Language: Cantonese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 104

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Enter The Phoenix (Daai Lo Oi Mei Lai) trailer

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Enter The Phoenix
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews/enter_the_phoenix.htm
«While not an outstanding film, the fun popstars, genial performances, and good sense of humor make Enter the Phoenix decent fun. The film does lose its way towards the end, and the climactic action sequences are somewhat muddled. However, for director Stephen Fung, this is a good beginning.»

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Fung, StephenFUNG Stephen
director/writer/as Cheng Chow
LO Yiu Fai
Chan, Kwong WingCHAN Kwong Wing
JCE Entertainment Ltd.


Chan, EasonCHAN Eason
as Sam
Wu, DanielWU Daniel
as Georgie Hung
Mok, KarenMOK Karen
as Julie
To, ChapmanTO Chapman
as Kin
Law, Kar-YingLAW Kar-Ying
as Father Eight
Yuen, BiaoYUEN Biao
as Georgie Hung's father
Chan, JackieCHAN Jackie
as Client of Julie (Cameo)
LEE Brian
as David
GO Hayama
as Chow's Henchman
Tse, NicholasTSE Nicholas
as Cock Head
Lee, SamLEE Sam
as Gay Man
Chan, Wai-ManCHAN Wai-Man
as Lui
Cheng, SammiCHENG Sammi
as Head Waitress (Cameo)
LEE Lik-Chi
as Mr. Leung
Ng, PhilipNG Philip
as Bo
Tin, Kai ManTIN Kai Man
as Assasin

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