ESP Couple, The
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ESP Couple, The

General info
Original title: Chogam Kakkeopeul (초감각 커플)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2008
Genre: Comedy, Mystery
IMDB Rating: 5.7 12 votes
Plot: A college boy Su-min is looking around paintings in a gallery when he hears someone screaming for help. That’s where he first meets a high school girl, Hyun-jin. They soon meet again in a park, and she realizes he is gifted; he can read people’s mind. He doesn’t want to be near her but somehow he happens to talk with her all the time, which makes him confused. They unexpectedly run into a kidnapping case and she is getting sure about his supernatural power.

Hyun-jin tags after him, and tries him in many different ways to figure out his gift. He thinks she is so annoying and frustrating; however he finds strangely himself feeling something about her. As he is entangled in Hyun-jin’s test, he ends up cleaning a restaurant to cover for expensive lobster dishes. Later on Su-min and Hyun-jin go to an amusement park with the money from Su-min’s cleaning work and surely she never stops testing him even at the park. Since they see the kidnapping suspect by chance at the park, they get a step closer to real state of the kidnapping…
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 85

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ESP Couple, The (Chogam Kakkeopeul) trailer

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ESP Couple, The, by Stefan Shih source: dvd.html
«There are some nice touches of comedy in the way the film was shot, often bridging onto the subsequent scene where the punchline gets delivered. ... Definitely recommended for those who prefer their movies a little light in mood, and personally...», by JAMES MUDGE source:
«“ESP Couple” is short and sweet, and although it does end a little abruptly, is one of the few films of its type to leave the viewer wanting more. Sufficiently different to stand out from the crowd, it delivers charmingly entertaining viewing that successfully mixes a variety of genres to wacky, though surprisingly coherent effective.»

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KIM Hyung-Joo
Cross Film
Yellow EntertainmentYellow Entertainment


Jin, KuJIN Ku
as Su-min
Park, Bo-YeongPARK Bo-Yeong
as Hyun-Jin
HWANG Sang-Kyeong
JOO Yeong-Ho
as Investigating squad leader
Lee, Sang-hongLEE Sang-hong
as Bad detective
as Empty-headed detective


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