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Dog Bite Dog

General info
Original title: Gau Ngao Gau (狗咬狗)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.5 1498 votes
Plot: Dog Bite Dog shocks its audience with a brutality rarely seen in Hong Kong cinema. The exorbitant violence, a necessary evil for survival in Dog Bite Dog, ensures the film a cult following. Acclaimed director Soi Cheang (Home Sweet Home) departs from frightening thrillers for this stunning piece. Edison Chen (Infernal Affairs II) and Sam Lee reunite after Gen-Y Cops, delivering breakthrough performances as a merciless assassin and a mentally unstable cop, respectively. The normal struggle between a cop and an assassin takes place in a surprisingly nihilistic world, creating enormous cinematic tension and a relentlessly pessimistic mood. Visually and thematically unique among Hong Kong films, Dog Bite Dog is a must-see for those interested in alternative cinema.

A sadistic cop tracks a monstrous hitman over the course of a single day and night. They ruthlessly battle each other through the streets of Hong Kong bystanders be damned.
Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 109

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Dog Bite Dog (Gau Ngao Gau) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Dog Bite Dog
Cinema Strikes Back, by David Austin source:
«The action, when it comes, is swift, brutal and final. In this dog-eat-dog world, only the meanest can survive. Chen’s killer moves quickly and without mercy – the team of cops trailing him are no match for his amoral cunning, even when they adopt his methods.»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Dog Bite Dog is a movie where characters off each other at the drop of a hat, and Cheang creates admirable atmosphere. This is an ugly/gorgeous film that creates beauty out of disgusting images, e.g. Edison Chen gorging himself on dimsum before offing someone, or a violent throwdown in a garbage-strewn landfill.»
Twitch, by Peter Martin source:
«Dog Bite Dog assaults your senses and threatens to flat-line your emotions for most of its running time. The trip is so grueling you begin to feel your soul rip apart even as all empathetic feelings slowly depart. It's suffused with so much gloom that you dread the next minute.»
source: Swifty Writing, by Edmund Yeo
«Dog Eat Dog is a terrific film. Great acting, editing, cinematography (oh, my god, ESPECIALLY the cinematography) and script (okay, the ending is kinda over-the-top...). It's not easy to watch, and I doubt I can watch it twice because of how intense it is, but anyone not watching it is definitely missing something great.», by Chris source:
«Dog Bite Dog is probably the most rough and tumble entry you’ll see all year, or the next couple years for that matter. While, relatively unknown in America at this point, expect it to find a place in discerning cult collections in the very near future. Despite its cop out of an ending, Dog Bite Dog is one of the most daring, and best films I’ve seen this year.», by James Mudge source:
«“Dog Bite Dog” is certainly not a film for the faint of heart, or those expecting a traditional Hong Kong police thriller. Pulling no punches and offering no false hopes, it stands as a bold and bloody film which grabs the viewer by the throat right from the start and keeps on choking even after the credits have rolled, making it a must see for all fans of challenging cinema.»

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Cheang, Pou-SoiCHEANG Pou-Soi
SZETO Kam-Yuen
Art PortArt Port
Same Way Productions Limited


Chen, EdisonCHEN Edison
as Pang
Lee, SamLEE Sam
as Insp. Ti Wai
PEI Weiying
as Yu (as Pei Pei)
Cheung, Siu-FaiCHEUNG Siu-Fai
as Chief Insp. Sum (as Cheung Siu Fai)
Lai, Yiu-CheungLAI Yiu-Cheung
as Insp. Tang Wing Cheung (as Lai Yiu Cheung)
Lam, SuetLAM Suet
as Insp. 'Fat' Lam (as Lam Suet)
Lam, Ka WahLAM Ka Wah
as Insp. Ti - Wai's Father (as Lam Ka Wah)
as Mr. Lee (as Yam Ho)
KOO Kam-Wah
as (as Koo Kam Wah)
as Ben
LAO Chi Wai
as Internal Affairs Officer (as Lao Chi Wai)
LEE Ka Wing
as Taxi Driver (as Lee Ka Wing)
CHAU Ka Sing
as Funny Eyes (as Chau Ka Sing)
LEE Kar Fai
as Kitchen Boy (as Lee Ka Fai)
LEE Ting Fung
as Young Wai (as Lee Ting Fung)
WOO Chi Ming
as Hooligan A (as Woo Chi Ming)
LEE Sze-Yan
as Hooligan B (as Lee Sze Yan)
KWOK Ka Shun
as Policeman (as Kwok Ka Shun)
LAU Chow Hung
as (as Lau Chow Hung)
WONG Kam Fai
as Hostage at Eatery (as Wong Kam Fai)
CHIU Chi Wai
as (as Chiu Chi Wai)
NG Chun Man
as Clinic Doctor (as Ng Chun Man)
as (as Wong Wai Ki)
CHAN Yuk Hang
as Guy in Car Repair Shop (as Chan Yuk Hang)
IP Kwai Sang
as Restaurant Manager (as Ip Kwai Sang)

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