Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World
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Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World

General info
Original title: Sekai No Chushin de, Ai Wo Sakebu
Country: Japan
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 8.4 133 votes
Plot: 'I thought I might be using a lifetime's happiness in a moment. I was that happy and she was that beautiful.' A young boy stands on the red earth of Australia under its blue sky. It is 17-year-old Sakutaro Matsumoto. His time with the girl comes back to him. The colored sand runs through his hands and a tear appears on his cheek. He wakes up. It's 2004 and he is 34 years old and in Japan. He thinks 'I have been in a world without her for 17 years.' Returning home to see his old high school for the last time before it is demolished, Saku confronts anew the loss of the love of his life, Aki, to leukemia 17 years ago. Now a medical researcher at graduate school, he has been living as if half of him died with her since then. Based on the bestselling novel that sold over 3 million copies, the past and present come together in this love story that is both pure and sad.
Comments: 11 episodes + Special

Viewership ratings: 15.9%
Theme Song: Katachi Aru Mono (かたちあるもの) by Shibasaki Kou (柴咲コウ)
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 47

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Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World (Sekai No Chushin de, Ai Wo Sakebu) trailer

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Tsutsumi, YukihikoTSUTSUMI Yukihiko
Morishita, YoshikoMORISHITA Yoshiko


Yamada, TakayukiYAMADA Takayuki
as Matsumoto Sakutaro (17 years old)
Ayase, HarukaAYASE Haruka
as Hirose Aki
Ogata, NaotoOGATA Naoto
as Matsumoto Sakutaro (34 years old)
as Matasumoto Fumiko
Matsushita, YukiMATSUSHITA Yuki
as Yatabe Teshimi
Miura, TomokazuMIURA Tomokazu
as Hirose Makoto
Motokariya, YuikaMOTOKARIYA Yuika
as Ueda Tomoyo
Nakadai, TatsuyaNAKADAI Tatsuya
as Matsumoto Kentaro
Oshima, SatokoOSHIMA Satoko
as Matsumoto Tomiko
Sakurai, SachikoSAKURAI Sachiko
as Kobayashi Aki
Takahashi, KatsumiTAKAHASHI Katsumi
as Matsumoto Junichiro
Tanaka, KeiTANAKA Kei
Tezuka, SatomiTEZUKA Satomi
as Hirose Ayako
Tanaka, KoutarouTANAKA Koutarou
as Nakagowa Akiyoshi
as Junpei
(2 episodes, 2004)

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