Cosmic Rescue - The Moonlight Generations

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Cosmic Rescue - The Moonlight Generations

General info
Original title: Cosmic Rescue
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Plot: The year is 2053. Space exploration has become privitized, but with increased exploration comes higher accident rates. Therefore, the world's insurance agencies banded together to form CR, or Cosmic Rescue. It is the job of CR to save victims of interstallar accidents and clear away the dangerous debris, flying parts left over from previous crashes, that threaten other space vehicles. Nanjou Satoshi is captain of CR Ship Division 89. With Eguchi Ryo, his trusty mechanic, and Sawada Azuma, the hot-headed rookie, they spend their days doing the rather menial work of clearing debris.

But then one day, Azuma intercepts an emergency beacon from a young girl. As the crew of #89 rushes to the scene, the ship disappears from their radar, and they soon find themself let go from CR. But what happened to the ship and the young girl? Was it all Azuma's imagination? Did the ship disappear? Or did someone hide it? But the answers to these questions may cost them more than just their jobs.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color

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Cosmic Rescue - The Moonlight Generations (Cosmic Rescue) trailer

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Cosmic Rescue - The Moonlight Generations
[KFCC]: Interview with director Shinsuke Sato source:
«[KFCCinema]: With everything you’ve done recently, it seems that your favorite genre in film is science fiction?

[Shinsuke Sato]: Well yes, when I decided to be a director, I was crazy about science fiction, but not now. I thought at the time, someday I will make a space movie like COSMIC RESCUE, so I did (laughs). Maybe it is the first space movie in Japan? There are very few science fiction space movies in Japan and in this film there are no Earth locations. It all takes place in space, very unusual. Many people like this movie, even girls because they are fans of the band.»

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Sato, ShinsukeSATO Shinsuke


Morita, GoMORITA Go
as Nanjou Satoshi
Miyake, KenMIYAKE Ken
as Eguchi Ryo
Okada, JunichiOKADA Junichi
as Sawada Azuma
Toda, NahoTODA Naho
as Tachibana Akiko
Endo, KenichiENDO Kenichi
as Saejima Tatsurou
Matsumoto, RioMATSUMOTO Rio
as Eba Kaori
Kanno, MihoKANNO Miho
as Chiba Kyouko
Horikita, MakiHORIKITA Maki
as Mochizuki Aya (young girl)
Tsuda, KanjiTSUDA Kanji


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