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General info
Original title: Kokuhaku (告白)
Country: Japan
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.8 1545 votes
Plot: Moriguchi Yuko is a dedicated teacher at a junior high school. When her 4 year old daughter was found drowned in the school’s swimming pool her life comes crashing down. Eventually Moriguchi suspects two of her own students to have been responsible for her daughter's and it wasn't an accident, but cruel murder. She comes to a decision to leave the school. But before, Yuko makes an shocking confession to her class – she tells them that she has an elaborate plan for vengeance and she has already taken steps to ensure the criminals will not go unpunished.
  • 'Kokuhaku' is based on the 2008 best selling novel of Kanae Minato with the same title, that sold more than 700,000 copies.

  • After reading the novel 'Kokuhaku' director Tetsuya Nakashima wanted actress Takako Matsu to play the main role. Enough so that he said if Takako Matsu would not play the role he would not have made the film.

  • The class of 37 students were chosen from an audition of more than 1,000 applicants.

  • The movie was #1 at Japanese box-office for 4 weeks despite the dark storyline and being released with R-15 restrictions. Since it's premier on June 5 the movie gathered more than 2.9 million watchers, grossing more than $42 millions in box office receipts.

  • Also the film has won critical acclaim. It earned 12 prizes at the 2010 Japan Academy Prize and won Best Picture on 53rd Blue Ribbon Awards.

  • The movie has been selected as the Japanese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards and it made the final shortlist.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 106

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Confessions (Kokuhaku) trailer

Tags: Confessions, Kokuhaku, 2010, Japanese movies, Drama movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

(overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)
Variety, by RONNIE SCHEIB source:
«Initially fueled by a thirst for retribution, like Park Chan-wook's vengeance trilogy, events soon assume their own dark, killer logic. Pic's striking combination of cool aesthetics and hellish happenings made this psychological scarer a runaway megahit in Japan; Stateside, "Confessions" could score as cutting-edge arthouse fare.», by JAMES MUDGE source:
«Nakashima delivers what is certainly one of the bleakest and disturbing films of recent years, revolving entirely around human weakness, arrogance and cruelty. ... “Confessions” is easily one of the year’s best films, and another masterpiece from Tetsuya Nakashima, surely pushing him from being a mere cult favourite to a director of real note. Due to its subject matter and flashy visual content, the film may well not be for audiences of all tastes, though for those willing to brave its emotional express elevator to hell, it makes for stunning and devastating viewing.»
The Film Stage, by Raffi Asdourian source:
«Confessions is this year’s Oldboy, making the Korean revenge thriller look like child’s play compared to the final blow Moriguchi deals to her daughter’s killers. It’s super stylized and visually like nothing else you’ll see in theaters this year. In addition to the elegant and spooky mood of the film, the soundtrack is equally as powerful using Radiohead’s Last Flowers as an overture for the film. », by Gabriel Chong - 5/5 source:
«In the wake of the spate of youth violence that has gripped our nation, this is an important film that demands to be seen- however unpleasant its message may be. Notwithstanding its relevance, "Confessions" is a thrilling masterpiece riveting from start to finish. »
Twitch, by Niels Matthijs source:
«That said, Confessions is definitely one of the best 2010 films I've seen so far. It's an audiovisual masterpiece, bearing an interesting plot, powerful emotions and some poignant social commentary. Nakashima keeps growing with every film, improving on every level. »
LoveHKFilm, by Kevin Ma source:
«Tetsuya Nakashima does it again, turning a dark and violent story of revenge into an accomplished piece of pop filmmaking that is as gripping as it is disturbing. »

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Nakashima, TetsuyaNAKASHIMA Tetsuya
Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
Nippon Shuppan Hanbai (Nippan) K.K.
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Matsu, TakakoMATSU Takako
as Yuko moriguchi
Okada, MasakiOKADA Masaki
as Yoshiteru terada
Kimura, YoshinoKIMURA Yoshino
as Naoki's mother
Nishii, YukitoNISHII Yukito
as Shuya Watanabe
Hashimoto, AiHASHIMOTO Ai
as Mizuki Kitahara
Fujiwara, KaoruFUJIWARA Kaoru
as Naoki Shimomura
Kai, InowakiKAI Inowaki
Iwata, SoraIWATA Sora
Kusakawa, TakuyaKUSAKAWA Takuya
Miyoshi, AyakaMIYOSHI Ayaka
Nakajima, HirokiNAKAJIMA Hiroki
Nomoto, HotaruNOMOTO Hotaru
Shimizu, NaoyaSHIMIZU Naoya
Nônen, RenaNÔNEN Rena
Ôkura, YûmaÔKURA Yûma
Yamaya, KasumiYAMAYA Kasumi
Takahashi, TsutomuTAKAHASHI Tsutomu
IZUMI Daichi
KATÔ Karin

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