Coast Guard
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Coast Guard

General info
Original title: Hae Anseon
Country: South Korea
Year: 2002
Genre: Action, Drama, War
IMDB Rating: 6.5 1538 votes
Plot: At South Korea's border with the North, troops guard the coast. Each bullies those ranking beneath him; tensions are high. PFC Kang and his friend Private Kim are on patrol when drinking youths jeer them. Two nights later, Kang follows orders, opening fire at a person who has infiltrated the border zone. It proves to be a young man, one from the earlier encounter, on a drunken tryst with his girlfriend, Mi-yeong. Kang is commended, yet horrified. Mi-yeong is unhinged. Kim tries to hold onto friendship, duty, and his humanity. While Kang retreats into bizarre behavior and violence, Mi-yeong becomes easy prey to soldiers. Sickness is all.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 91

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Coast Guard (Hae Anseon) trailer

Tags: Coast Guard, Hae Anseon, 2002, Korean movies, Action movies, Drama movies, War movies, asian movies

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Coast Guard

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Kim, Ki-DukKIM Ki-Duk
Korea Pictures


Jang, Dong-KunJANG Dong-Kun
as Kang Sang-byeong
Kim, Jeong-HakKIM Jeong-Hak
as Kim Sang-byeong
Park, Ji-aPARK Ji-a
as Mi-yeong
Yu, Hae-JinYU Hae-Jin
as Cheol-gu
KIM Gu-Taek
Kim, Kang-WooKIM Kang-Woo
PARK Yun-Jae
Kim, Tae-WooKIM Tae-Woo
KIM Yeong-Jae
KIM Mi-Seong

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